Letters - July 10. 2013

IN A JAM is there a viable answer to traffic congestion on the Prom?
IN A JAM is there a viable answer to traffic congestion on the Prom?
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Congestion on prom

Listen to us

So once again our head in the sands councillors seek the advice of traffic consultants to alleviate the congestion on our Promenade.

But what do we find – there is no congestion – it’s merely ‘anecdotal”’.

In that case we must all be imagining the ridiculous situations which occurred on a daily basis last summer when the entire Promenade was gridlocked for most of the day.

Why don’t our councillors listen to the real experts , the emergency services who find it ever more difficult to gain access through the town or the professional taxi drivers who struggle to make a living in this nonsensical road layout.

But no, they prefer to pay large sums of our money to alleged experts.

Now of course we have the next phase of enlightenment, with the proposed alteration to Central Drive making a contraflow bus and taxi lane allowing those vehicle to vacate the town centre in a southerly direction.

This will therefore reduce Central Drive to one lane in a northerly direction

That’s a great idea but what happens to traffic attempting to enter Albert Road from Central Drive, when New Bonny Street and Central Drive are blocked because of the ‘anecdotal’ congestion on the Promenade and stationary traffic attempting to turn into Central Car Park.

It appears the word efficacy is not in our councillors’ vocabulary.

Ron Strangwick

(Retired police traffic 

Rough Hey Lane


Late night drink ban

Police right

I believe the police are completely in the right to seek a ban on alcohol sales after 3am, as are the council to turn down a club’s bid to allow naked female performers (Gazette June 6).

If the alcoholic and sex thrill seekers don’t like it then let them take their custom to other towns and cities where their desires can be satisfied.

Neither Basil Newby (owner of The Flamingo) nor Trevor Robbins (boss of Gaiety’s) would be around in Blackpool’s wonderful 1950s, when I was in my twenties.

On Saturdays, hundreds of dancers packed into the Winter Gardens and Tower Ballrooms.

I recall that the last waltz was at 10.30pm and the last bus home was at 11pm.

In those days there was the occasional brawl in the Tower bar and Yate’s Wine Lodge, but local residents certainly did not fear to go into the town centre.

Some of today’s club owners need to check where their moral compass is pointing.

For, as the song line goes, money is the root of all evil.

Ian Jackson

Park Road


NHS reforms battle

Join group

Regarding the battle against NHS reforms (Gazette, July 6), it is appalling that in the 65th year of the founding of the health service in Britain we are facing its demise.

Government ideology will destroy the ethos we have all enjoyed since its inception; a health service that is free at the point of need.

Instead the Government is opening the door to private health companies to allow them to take over some of our most essential health needs and services.

Of course, the Government want us to regard the commercialisation of our NHS as reforms, rather than demolition of the greatest health care system in the world.

But together with their other welfare ‘reforms’ we are facing policies of such inhumanity that inequality in society will ensue and be blamed on the poor.

We are in fact putting the clock back to the pre-war years, when the poorest families like my own struggled to buy drugs and could not afford doctors fees.

I confess I cannot stand by on the sideline and allow this Government to peddle the lies about the NHS and run it down any longer so I have joined the campaigning organisation 38 degrees.

It is recognised now as a very good thorn in the side of an authoritarian government that so far has backed down in the face of opposition on many policies that undermine our welfare system.

NHS England has now invited 38 degrees to join a civil assembly; the aims are to give patients and the public a voice within the NHS.

If you are keen to join in the fight back, please feel free to contact me at mnye@hotmail.co.uk

Marjorie Nye

38 degrees


Stanley Park

Great day

On Sunday along with my husband ( an avid motorbike enthusiast) and children we went to Stanley Park.

It was a wonderful day out.

There was the bike show, the beautiful well-kept park, the safe and varied play areas for my three children, glorious sunshine, and to top it all live Folk and Blues music in the bandstand!

So well done Blackpool Council! Well done Friends of Stanley Park and a job well done by Annie from Gillespie’s Folk Club.

Corrina Simmons

by email