Letters - July 1, 2013

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Des O’Connor

Had a laugh

I read your article on Des O’Connor with interest and it brought back memories (Gazette, June 21).

Around 1960 I played football for the Blackpool Post Office.

One of our guys arranged a couple of games against a ‘ShowBiz’ XI to keep them fit.

The games were played at Squires Gate training ground.

I was a left-back and was up against Des, he was quite a good player and we had a tussle or two but he was too good for me.

Anyway, in another life, in the 1970/80s I was a Customs Officer at Luton Airport.

This flight arrived from some holiday place (Luton was a charter airport in those days), I was in the baggage hall watching the passengers when Des strolled in, he was dressed in a long (past knee-length) tan leather coat.

I walked over to him, introduced myself and told him about playing against him.

He immediately opened the coat, rolled up his trouser leg pointed to his knee, and said in a loud voice, “You did this, I’m having a cartilage operation next week.”

We had a laugh at it and I thought what a good guy he was. I’ve not met him since and often wondered about the coincidence.

Dave Pickering

by email

Charity help

Garage sales

Once again I am using the columns of the letters page to thank The Gazette for supporting me and to ask for your help.

After another very successful season of charity garage sales, raising more than £3,000 for charity, I now have an empty shed and need to restock!

If you have any sellable items like clothes, shoes, books, bags, bedding, kitchen ware, anything, I’d love to hear from you.

Last year’s sales helped hundreds of animals, all over the world.

I’d love to be able to 
support the same charities this year and with your help I will be able to.

Sue Ashton

Telephone (01253) 731572

Archers Farm, Peel Road, Blackpool

Coronary care

Won’t forget

I am an Australian currently visiting your magnificent country.

While here, I have read many negative reports about your National Health Service (NHS), but would like to tell you of the wonderful treatment I received after I suffered a heart attack while I was visiting Blackpool.

I suffered chest pains while walking on the Promenade, so my (British-born) wife and I hailed a taxi and the driver took us straight to the Victoria Hospital.

The staff immediately recognised my symptoms and quickly began superb care and treatment that lasted throughout my five-day stay in the coronary care centre.

I had a stent fitted and was given good advice for the future.

The professionalism and attitude, as well as good humour, of everyone with who I came into contact in hospital was something that I shall never forget.

John Ilsley

Oak Park, Victoria,


Royal naval association

Join us

I would like to inquire if any members of the Royal Navy from 1939 to date, or the Merchant Navy, or their wives, widows and children, would be interested in joining our association.

We meet every first Sunday in the month at 11am in the Conservative Club on Lowther Road, Fleetwood.

The cost of joining is nominal and there is a good social side with outings and reunions.

You can join as an ex-service member or as a social member and I, the secretary, will make you very welcome.

Our next meeting is on July 7 and there is a buffet after the meeting as we are celebrating 24 years of our branch.

If you are interested, please call me on (01253) 878747.

Angela Patchett

Royal Naval Association


Lost archives

Old memories

I remember well the vehicle pictures in your last column in Lost Archives.

It was used on Central Beach (ie between North and Central piers) to carry passengers from the beach to a waiting fishing boat/pleasure boat moved some distance from the beach in deeper water.

The boat would then take the passengers on a short journey (20/30 minutes) along the coast. This would probably been about mid-50s.

How earlier it started or how long they went on for I don’t know. The vehicle as far as I can remember travelled on the sea bed, it did not float.

I remember it well as part of my summer holiday. My father worked for Symbol Biscuits which closed the last two weeks in July for its annual holiday.

We didn’t go away to stay but went off for days.this would entail trips by local Ribble buses to Burnley, Southport and Morecambe.

Other days we might take an excursion to the Lake District or Derbyshire.

The boat trips were run by local seafaring/seas fishing family. I don’t know the name but my father knew the family.

Peter J Bremnan

Bryming Avenue, Bispham