Letters - July 1, 2011

Land Registry staff at Warton on strike.
Land Registry staff at Warton on strike.
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IT was interesting to note council leader Simon Blackburn’s comments (Gazette, June 28) supporting action against the proposed changes to public service pensions and saying the Coalition Government was attempting to rip the heart out of the public service pension scheme.

Where was Coun Blackburn and the Labour party when Gordon Brown stripped £57bn out of private sector pension schemes, ruining a perfectly good final salary scheme, and leaving a large section of the population with much lower pensions than they were entitled to expect?

If Coun Blackburn is waving the flag for public service workers’ pension rights, I suggest he and the Labour party also take up the cause of those in private pension schemes and, in so doing, show they are representing us all and not only those who happen to work in the public sector.

The Labour Party has a lot to do to redress what Gordon Brown did to private pensions.

Perhaps Coun Blackburn can set the ball rolling in promoting fair pensions for all, bearing in mind they have to be affordable and that you cannot expect employees in the private sector, who suffered reduced pensions at the hands of Gordon Brown, to finance those for the public service sector.


Low Moor Road


I WOULD like to say a big big thank you to Charlie Adam, who spent so much time on Saturday with the young football lads at their presentation.

Not only did he do a penalty shoot-out with them, he signed everything in sight for everyone. Well done Charlie.


Green Drive


ON behalf of the committee and members of the Royal Artillery Association, Blackpool and Fylde, can we express our gratitude and thanks to the organisers of Blackpool Armed Forces Week.

You did the town proud, everything was a huge success. The service and parade on Sunday was a tremendous occasion, well done. Thank you once again for all your hard work, hope we do as well next year.


Hon Secretary

Royal Artillery Association Blackpool & Fylde

ON visiting the Winter Gardens it was lovely to see Pineapple Jack back on the stage in the bar.

There wasn’t the same atmosphere when they were on the pier.

They should get more recognition as everyone who sees them goes back again and again.

A most enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment for all.


Barcroft Road