Letters - July 02, 2016

New figures reveal a child poverty crisis
New figures reveal a child poverty crisis
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We need action on child poverty now

Make a protest at this injustice

This week new Government figures showed that over 200,000 more children are living in poverty – taking the total number to almost 3.9 million of our children. This is completely unacceptable. Those statistics represent real kids – some of whom live in our local community – who are missing out on the basics they need to thrive, like school trips, having friends over for tea, clothes that fit or a warm enough house, or even just regular meals.

Charities estimate 33.85 per cent of youngsters in Blackpool are in poverty. We need action from Government and from local authorities including Blackpool, Wyre, and Fylde councils to help change this, not just words.

We also need a cohesive , effectual, national policy to reduce these figure as a matter of urgency.

I would ask any member of the public who seethes at the injustice of this situation to write to their MP and make their voice heard in protest.

Roy Dunderdale



Culture can attract the visitors we need

The Armed Forces Day event last weekend, organised by Blackpool BID, was a great success.

The whole day was blessed with fine weather. The vintage army vehicles and aeroplanes fascinated the crowds. The outdoor concert seating provided a real metropolitan vibe. The kind of event you would ordinarily expect to see in Trafalgar Square, London.

Blackpool needs to encourage more cultural events with an aim to attract more of the nicer kind of people back to the town centre. I’m pleased that the jazz & blues festival will return next year (July 1-2, 2017) in association with Blackpool BID. We plan to stage an outdoor element of the Jazz & Blues festival next year in St John’s Square, incorporating a vintage fair with classic vehicles and retro stalls etc.

Blackpool’s economic development requires staging more cultural events.

This does not necessarily always mean risking tens of thousands of pounds staging big budget productions. Community events supporting charities can attract the interest of financial sponsorship from local businesses.

I’m passionate to help Blackpool move forward and receive the kudos it deserves. I’m working on a new project, a musical compilation-style outdoor concert featuring a mix of West End, Broadway and Hollywood show tunes, performed by trained musical theatre ensembles and invited guests.

This kind of production has the potential to be a tremendous family event in St John’s Square.

Let’s make it happen.

Stephen Pierre

Creative Director

Utopia Music Associates Ltd


Time to get on with our daily lives

Well, I am glad that’s over. Too soon to say if it was right or wrong, or if we will miss Mr Cameron or not.

Time to resume daily life. I just hope Mr Farage doesn’t take this a personal vote for him.

Betty Norton

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