Letters - July 01, 2016

Has the vote to leave the EU inflamed racial divisions across the country?
Has the vote to leave the EU inflamed racial divisions across the country?
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We must strive for a united community

What kind of nation do we want to be?

With the catastrophic debacle of the referendum last week, we are left with instability and chaos. Political rhetoric from the far right highlighted how it feels to be an immigrant, a member of a minority race, or a refugee.

This begs the question of what kind of country we are, or conversely what we want it to be? Since the callous killing of an elected MP and the direction we have now been catapulted, resulting in the resignation of the Prime Minister, it is surely time to guard against the culture of hate and extremism that has been manifested through the recent referendum.

Campaigning for the remain campaign in Blackpool, I had first-hand knowledge of hatred levelled against me as a white woman, from men wanting to leave the EU. If this is the way people behave to a British citizen, then the level of hatred towards immigrants here or elsewhere will be increased with more serious consequences.

It is serious for our police and elected representatives, as they have responsibility not to fuel hatred further and we must reject the campaigning from the Brexit camp that was so inflammatory regarding immigrants to Britain.

Most work hard in our hospitals and businesses, paying taxes that help our economy. MPs must be vigilant and I call on Paul Maynard and Gordon Marsden to be diligent over racism, reminding residents we have more in common with immigrants than which divides us. We must strive for a better, united community.

The leave campaign promoted a destructive brand of nationalism, with anti-immigrant sentiment that fostered the notion of fear that many people targeted in the leave campaign must now feel.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue



For Labour’s sake, Corbyn must go

Jeremy Corbyn has shown he is devoid of leadership qualities and out of step with the majority of his MPs. He fumbles answers and utters half-baked ideas. His performance during the Referendum campaign has alienated voters in Labour’s heartlands. The result is a major shadow cabinet revolt.

Unless Labour MPs refuse to work for him and make it clear they have no confidence in his leadership, Labour will retreat to the political margins and possible extinction.

In 33 years, Corbyn has made no mark as an MP. He allows for no argument that disagrees with his views. He has no grasp of detail. To suggest we should keep Trident submarines but send them on patrol minus nuclear warheads is risible.

Corbyn, who claimed to support the EU after a lifetime of opposing it, refused to share a platform with David Cameron. In the past he has shown no such reluctance to share a platform with groups like Hamas.

Thanks to Leave winning the Referendum, we face gross economic uncertainty and a breakup of the UK. There is no economic plan for our future outside the EU.

A new Tory leader will call a snap election in the Autumn, and Labour will implode unless Corbyn is removed. Labour MPs owe it to the country to act, and quickly.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Beware of ticks in the long grass

I feel it a shame that public spirited residents should take on the job of mowing the long grass evident everywhere.

Has the council never heard of Lyme Disease, a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks? Ticks are found in long grass and feed on the blood of birds and mammals including humans.

It is estimated there are 2,000 to 3,000 cases each year, in fact another warning was put out in spring.

Lyme Disease can be treated if detected early on, but if treatment is delayed there is a risk of severe and long-lasting symptoms.

These are extremely severe and watching young children playing in the long grass gives me the chills.

All I can say is – watch your children for skin rashes, if seen act as quickly as possible.


address supplied


Roy’s clowns bring back memories

I remember, many years ago, how I used to go to the Tower every weekend to watch the circus.

I can remember how much I used to laugh watching the ringmaster and his clowns acting the fool and running round all over the place, with no purpose, for our entertainment.

With the circus long gone, I never thought I would see something as funny again. At this point I would like to thank ringmaster Roy and his bunch of clowns for the 90 minutes of circus entertainment on Monday. What a farce. WELL DONE ICELAND.

Rick Armstrong

via email


Can you donate some things to sell?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported, in any way, the charity garage sales at Archers Farm, Peel Road.

The sales have proved to be a great success, raising thousands of pounds for charity, mainly helping animals throughout the world.

However, because of this success, I am running out of things to sell.

If you are having a clear out (wardrobe, kitchen, attic, garden shed or garage), I would love to hear from you.

It is amazing what I can sell.

Sue Ashton

Archers Farm

Peel Road



Pensioners targeted by unthinking thief

Thankyou to the person who stole my parents’ birdbath/sundial and two ornaments from their garden on Friday, June 24. They are in their 80s.

You know who you are.

Anyone with information please contact the police.

Mr P Wood

Fitzroy Road