Letters - January 9

Pictures:Bill Johnson.'Cleveleys promenade.
Pictures:Bill Johnson.'Cleveleys promenade.
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WITH reference to the recent articles in The Gazette referring to the foam and the rebuilding of the sea wall on the road running from Little Bispham to Kingsway, the Cleveleys border.

I should like to point out that this road, I believe, is named after the Prince of Wales eldest son of George V in 1927 when he was in Blackpool to open the Miners Home and therefore as the road sign states, it is called Princes Way and not Princess Way or Princess Promenade.


Shore Road,

Little Bispham

EVERY year we celebrate the outstanding achievements of thousands of remarkable adults who have transformed their lives, and often the lives of their families and communities, through learning.

The Adult Learners’ Week Awards are open to anyone aged 19 or over (or over 16 if they have had a break of three years from formal education) and recognise people with incredible learning stories which will inspire other adults to improve their own lives.

Nominations for this year’s awards in England are open until 5pm on Friday 27 January 2012. Give your learners, or someone you know, the recognition they deserve for their incredible learning achievements.

More details are available by calling NIACE on (0116) 204 4200 or at www.alw.org.uk.


Adult Learners’ Week Team


I AM seven years old and my brother is three. We live near Stanley Park and our street is full of dog poo.

We are fed up of people letting their dogs poo on the pavement. Sometimes grown ups have to walk in the road when it is dark.

If you have a dog please bring tissues and a bag to clean up after your dog poops.

We do not like stepping in dog poo.


Beechfield Avenue,