Letters - January 8, 2014

COUNCIL ROW One reader says The Syndicate was falling to bits before the council bought it
COUNCIL ROW One reader says The Syndicate was falling to bits before the council bought it
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Labour not to blame


I feel I must reply to Councillor Tony Williams (Letters, January 3).

He (the Tories) blames Labour for the financial crisis.

If Coun Williams looked further than his blinkered eyes, then he would know that it was a worldwide 
recession, but he knew that anyway.

Before David Cameron came into power (he was never elected) Alistair Darling was getting this country out of recession but Tory idelogy put us back into a mess again.

The Tories have always run the country for the Tories, not the country.

They have always 
hated the working man 
and always will.

Everything that Labour worked hard to achieve, the Tories have destroyed.

As far as Blackpool is concerned, the borough is being starved of cash because it’s a Labour authority.

The Project 30 (road improvement scheme) Tony Williams talks about is progressing very well with the contractors doing a good job.

But Coun Williams is a typical Tory. They believe they are born to rule. If this is the local Tory starting gun for the elections it is pathetic.

The free breakfasts are a 
brilliant idea.

The old night club (The Syndicate) is falling to bits. People had a chance to come forward and invest but nobody did.

Yes, Labour made mistakes but it’s the people that matter, not the Tory party.

P.S. Elliot

Palatine Road


join normandy trip

Pay respects

Between Monday June 2 and Saturday June 7, I will be leading a group from the north of England to attend events in Normandy to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the Normandy campaign in 1944.

There will be an opportunity to pay respects to a relative at the Commonwealth War Cemeteries and memorials as well as attending special ceremonies in Caen, Bayeux and the landing beaches.

We will also visit significant areas associated with the Normandy Campaign.

En route we will visit Bletchley Park where the Enigma machine was used to significant effect in the campaign.

We still have a few places left and convenient local pick up points can be arranged.

I will be happy to supply details to any readers if they contact me at 2, Eden Gate, Warcop, Appleby-in-Westmoorland, Cumbria, CA16 6PL – or telephone me on 017683 41060 or 07710270640.

David Raw


Housing in wyre


I understand the concerns of Graham Jackson (Letters, January 4) but I am afraid he misrepresents the situation.

I would urge him to actually look at the Norcross application before taking a view and if he wishes to contact me, I am more than happy to meet him.

When a planning application is received then the Highways Authority/Highways Agency are statutory consultees.

If they raise no objection on highway grounds it is difficult for a planning committee to refuse the application on those grounds.

Should they do so and it goes to appeal, the planning inspectors would almost certainly overrule the refusal.

That can mean substantial costs for the council tax payer and I do not play fast and loose with council tax payers’ money.

The Norcross civil service site proposal does require developer-funded highway
 improvements and also 70 sheltered housing units which is important considering the age demographic in Wyre.

It will also provide 430 full and part time jobs.

Mr Jackson claims Coun Martin refers to the issue which is correct but her stance raises more questions than it answers. Labour nationally has said that should they win the 2015 general election they will provide 200,000 new homes every year.

Ed Milliband has said developers should use it or lose it and if developers don’t build on their land Labour will compulsory purchase the land for housing.

On this Norcross proposal the Labour-run county council has made no objection and they are the highways authority.

It is clear Labour’s policies will mean more housing not less.

At the last Wyre Budget Meeting Labour councillors voted against the Conservative investment in our leisure centres and instead proposed using this funding to build council estates.

Labour need to make clear where they would build these – would it be Bourne Way or perhaps the Norcross site?

Coun Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Council

League of Friends

Thank you

We are so grateful for 
Editor Jon Rhodes’ kind 
words and perceptive 
article in last Saturday’s 

All of us involved with the 
League of Friends are sad 
we had to close but leave 
feeling we have done our 
bit over many years.

We owe much to the 
wonderful support we have 
received from The Gazette over these years.

Our grateful thanks to all the staff at the paper.

Larry O’Hara

Friends of Blackpool 
Victoria Hospital