Letters - January 7, 2015

The Memorial Rose Garden at Carleton Crematorium
The Memorial Rose Garden at Carleton Crematorium
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Plastic bags scattered


The delays to funerals at Carleton Crematorium (Gazette December 29) because of two of the three cremators being out of action seems typical of the way the crematorium is managed.

I have been staying in Blackpool over the holiday period and went to Carleton Crematorium to place a wreath on my parents’ grave. I was appalled at the general negligence of the grounds.

There were cellophane wrappers and plastic 
carrier bags lying around and dead flowers all over.

It wouldn’t take much for someone to walk round and clear these to keep the place tidy.

The paths around the 
niche walls by the Rose Garden are covered in green moss so thick in some places it is like a carpet, and extremely slippery and dangerous.

There are a number of empty niches in the walls, but they are not covered by a ‘blank’ tablet so it does not look very nice.

I even saw one niche with the front missing and what looked like an urn showing inside.

Your article states Coun Graham Cain is the cabinet member with responsibility for Carleton Crematorium. All I can say is if this councillor had been a football manager, he would have been sacked long ago!

Myra Jones


Time to choose


It is good to know the starting gun for the elections has been fired, with Mr Fail’s recent letter to the Gazette criticising our local MP Paul Maynard’s record.

It would be even better if Mr Fail had happened to mention he was also the Labour candidate in my own ward of Jubilee!

By attacking the record of the Conservative party, Mr Fail tacitly concedes the fact Paul has been an effective MP for the local area. Many, I’m sure, will groan at the thought of five more 
months of tit-for-tat exchanges between politicians. But, I know many residents found ‘Coastline’ an interesting and stimulating read, which tried to get away from all of that by looking behind the head-lines, and understanding there is more to being an MP than just parroting the party line.

From what I know of Paul, the ‘yah boo sucks’ style of politics isn’t his thing.

I’m sure he will spend the next five months being the conscientious, hard-
working MP he has been since May 2010, delivering the goods locally as he shows on a regular basis, not just when an election draws near. ​

On May 7, we have one of the biggest choices in a generation. Do we keep on the track by ensuring we try to live within our means as a nation, or do we put all that at risk with a party led by Ed Milliband who still haven’t understood why they lost the last election, let alone shown they have learnt anything from it?

Over to you to make that choice ...

Coun David Walmsley

Jubilee Ward


Lytham Green events


I am writing as leader of Fylde Council and the portfolio holder for leisure and culture, which includes events.

I would like to reassure residents that while Fylde is a council that supports and encourages events across the coast and countryside, as advocated by the chief executive (Gazette January 5), there are absolutely no plans to introduce additional council or commercial events on Lytham Green itself.

It is felt the current number of events on the Green is sufficient and we are looking forward to a successful year of events across the whole of the borough in 2015.

Coun Sue Fazackerley

Fylde Council

Ansdell needs buses


Thankyou for publicising the number of buses that could be taken off our roads due to cuts by Lancashire County Council.

I for one have been trying to get the number 75 bus back on to its old route into Ansdell village.

It used to stop by the side of the post office, which we all use, and close to all the good and useful shops.

Now we have to walk off the bus outside Fylde Rugby Club gates into Ansdell village.

We don’t all have cars and many of us are elderly and have difficulty carrying our shopping home.

We really do need a bus service in Ansdell village.

Mrs Pat Abbott

Sherwood Road


Can’t please everyone

Shows list

The adage that you cannot please all the people all the time must ring particularly true for management of Blackpool Opera House.

An enjoyable season of classic Christmas films, the prospect of two classic rock operas plus various other touring acts and our friend, Neil Kendall, is still not moved.

Never mind, Neil. Perhaps the Opera House could sponsor a revival of Oh! Calcutta! That should get everyone 
moving… One way or another.

Barry McCann