Letters - January 6, 2016

Blackpool Rocks at Winter Gardens, Blackpool.'Guest DJ's and party goers enjoy the atmosphere and the event.'19th December 2015
Blackpool Rocks at Winter Gardens, Blackpool.'Guest DJ's and party goers enjoy the atmosphere and the event.'19th December 2015
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Winter Gardens will not suffer with arena

While I appreciate John Wright’s comments in response to my article about a Blackpool arena (Your Say, Gazette, December 30), I am afraid I must disagree on a few points.

I do not agree that a Blackpool arena would be competition for the Winter Gardens as it caters for a different market. The Winter Gardens is a fantastic building and a key part of Blackpool’s history, but it simply cannot compete with the big arenas.

The big stars like Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond and Elton John will not play the Winter Gardens as it is too small. The Winter Gardens is ideal for shows such as Mamma Mia, but it’s not a modern, purpose-built venue.

Mr Wright is absolutely right that Central Station is the site for Blackpool’s next big attraction. A Blackpool arena could be that attraction, it would be indoor, hence weatherproof, and an all-year round attraction.

I disagree with Mr Wright’s insinuation, because we don’t have an arena now, it will never happen. If our great Mayor John Bickerstaffe took that view, we would never have Blackpool Tower. He was a man with great ambition and brought his dream to fruition.

I believe a Blackpool arena is possible, and it is something we should push for. Cities which have only recently built arenas have seen massive economic boosts, so let’s make Blackpool the next one.

Christian Cox

Councillor for Squires Gate


Our venues can rival those in the West End

I read with interest the comments from Charlie Telfer (Gazette, December 26) regarding the Grand Theatre being out of date and Victorian. This venue must be one of the most beautiful theatres in the country following recent refurbishment and yes it IS Victorian – that’s the whole point Charlie, we’re looking after and care about our heritage up North!

You lot from down South are supposed to be the sophisticated set, yet you can compare the Grand with some of the dumps on the Wet End which I have visited over the years?

Take a look at some of our architecture in Blackpool and what we’re trying to do – the new façade of the Blackpool Tower, the Winter Gardens refurbishments, etc – and if you are still not impressed Charlie, then go off back to London and retire there!

John Mitch

via email


Can you explain why you were so rude?

Dear cyclist, I am the lady to whom you shouted “Shut up” as I remonstrated with you as you crashed through the red lights on January 4, at about 6.45am, at High Gate Lane, Warton/Freckleton boundary, as I was about to cross.

I am inviting you to email me, via this newspaper, to tell me why you think the Highway Code does not apply to you.

Alternatively you are welcome to attend any Bryning with Warton Parish Council meeting to explain. This meeting is at 7.15pm on the first Tuesday of every month at our Village Hall. There is an allotted time for members of the public to speak.

Warton lady pedestrian

Address supplied


It would be good to see pet letters back

I was annoyed at the letter aimed at Josephine Harwood, criticising her for caring more about animals than people (Your Say, Gazette, December 16). This person has no idea what charities Josephine supports and it was a nasty remark.

I am also annoyed that Josephine has not written any more letters since the comment, and hope she has not been put off. I enjoy her letters about animals, and she often gives useful tips about animal welfare, which some people may not have been unaware of, and may make their pets’ lives more comfortable.

I hope to see her letters back in the Gazette soon.

Carol Mooney

Wolverton Avenue



Double check your account for errors

This is just a warning for people to double check everything.

I got a new phone last Saturday from Vodafone in Blackpool town centre.

It is on a contract so a friend of mine just, out of interest, checked my account online and we were horrified to discover I had been paying £3 per week for a number of months to ‘someone’.

I went in the Vodafone shop on Monday and they were brilliant at tracing the company and phoning them up to cancel the payment with immediate effect.

I have never heard of the company involved, do not recall them ever contacting me and certainly never agreed to pay them £3 a week. I regularly check all my transactions thoroughly.

As I stated earlier, people should check if they have any doubts about payments being made, as this seems to be a scam which I would never have known about.

I am going to try to get a refund of these charges, but I have my doubts that I will be able to.

Alun Jones

Argosy Avenue



We are better off outside the EU

Mr David Cameron tries every trick to make you vote with the Government – even almost blackmailing his Eurosceptic MPs.

This is despite the fact that if we stay in the EU we lose annually almost £5bn. All this scaremongering is not enough, and it’s too late, the majority of this island knows we are better off without the EU.

C Victor De-Nagy

Gill Court

South Shore