Letters - January 6, 2015

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Bus services woe

Not so festive

That’s another festive season over and once again no bus service (2c & 86) in Over Wyre – an absolute disgrace.

For Christmas Day there may be some excuse, with employees wanting to spend it at home with their families, but to have no bus service on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, virtually ordinary days with many shops open and the usual annual bargain sales, is the pits.

Don’t these bus companies realise that thousands of people still have to get to work on these days, especially nurses and carers, as well as people having to visit their loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes and care homes.

I have to visit my wife in a nursing home every day, travelling from Hambleton to Knott End; it cost me more than £60 over these three days because my only means of getting there was by taxi, and I’m quite certain that many others had to do the same.

No one expects a normal bus service over this period, but surely a skeleton service could be worked out where the buses only run every two or three hours starting at, perhaps, 8am in the morning and terminating at 8pm.

I’ve spoken to a number of bus drivers and know that getting staff to work such a service on these days wouldn’t be a big problem.

Come on Stagecoach and Blackpool Transport, sort this disgraceful state of affairs out for next Christmas and think about the inconvenience, upset and hardship caused to the public and essential workers who, for the reasons stated, desperately need buses during this period.

Jack Forshaw

Sower Carr Lane


Bird spotting

Little egret delight

With reference to the letter last Friday, about the egret flying over the Teanlow Centre.

The bird described would be a Little Egret, common in the Mediterranean, which has, during the last 15 years expanded it range and now can be seen regularly from the Shard Bridge.

Peter Mason,

Lambs Road,



Political football

Our Tory MP has made it abundantly clear that he supports fracking in our area.

He and other advocates of fracking promise a windfall from a process that they claim is safe and stands to lower household bills.

As an opponent of fracking, I don’t want to dispute those exaggerated assumptions here – campaigners and experts are already doing that.

Instead, I want to outline our options.

The Conservatives have backed fracking to the hilt yet a significant proportion of local constituents, if not an outright majority, are simply unconvinced that fracking is anything more than an unnecessary risk to our health and the environment.

Even the most charitable view of this support for fracking would still admit that, as things stand, a large body of voters are being ignored, or worse, taken for granted as a guaranteed Conservative vote irrespective of their legitimate concerns about the process and its safety.

May’s General Election is your chance to have your say on fracking.

If you want it, a Conservative vote might be a good bet; if you are concerned about fracking, vote for the the Labour candidate who shares those concerns.

Ben Whittingham

Labour Parliamentary 
Candidate for Wyre and 
Preston North

Hospital’s high praise

Thanks so much

I wish to say an enormous thank you to the staff of Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

My father attended as an emergency with chest pain this week and the prompt action of both Louise Smith and the Cardiology Registrar in A & E saved my father’s life after suffering a heart attack.

My heartfelt thanks goes to the Consultant Cardiologist and staff that performed the angiogram and subsequent angioplasty.

The staff on CCU and Ward 37 are worth their weight in gold. We all should be thankful as we have such a wonderful Cardiac Unit in our local area.

Let’s just hope the buses are not stopped, as they have been a Godsend for visiting each day.

S Parsons


Happy New Year

Well done Joe

How delighted I was to read about young Joe Knowles who is now able to walk after an operation at Leeds hospital for his cerebral palsy issues. What a great front page story that made, such a cheerful start to 2015. Well done Joe, well done his family and friends for raising the money and well done The Gazette.

P Stokes