Letters - January 6

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WELL done to Mike Satchell for turning a hobby into earnings (Gazette, December 29).

I like to write, and years ago I wrote a book about a young salesman in the Glasgow of the 1950s and 1960s.

Several publishers had a look at the book, but none would publish it.

This year, my daughter-in-law put it on Amazon Books, and lo and behold, it has so far sold 1,230 copies and rising every month, giving me a small but welcome return every month.

I have also got a book about my National Service in the RAF 1950/1952 published on SmashWords, and after a couple of weeks it has sold 30 copies.

At the age of 79, I can’t believe I have two books on the go, with a third one on childhood ready to go.

So I say to people that they should never give up.

I just hope that this will encourage people to keep trying and turn their hobbies into earnings.


Aintree Road, Blackpool

IN response to recent letters concerning police operating mobile speed cameras, while crime and metal thefts are proliferating.

Surely your correspondents realise there is no money in catching criminals.

There is no financial benefit to the police coffers, whereas mobile speed cameras on certain roads are extremely lucrative.

It is for this reason that the great British public, who were previously so supportive of our police officers, now feels alienated by them and by being made to feel like a criminal for exceeding the speed limit by a measly four or five miles per hour.


I WROTE to the minister for health and safety quite some time ago, saying they should make it clear to hotel staff in regard to porters putting customers’ cars into parking lots or ready for pick-up.

If the vehicle is insured for one driver only or a named person, if they have a bump or someone runs into them, regardless of the insurance the hotel may carry, they will not pay a penny and the porter could be arrested for driving without insurance cover.

They could end up paying damages, if managers decide to say they never told him to drive the car.


Claremont Court