Letters - January 5, 2016

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Fracking - we want it and we’re not alone!

Fylde residents opposed to fracking are wrong to claim that shale gas supporters are motivated by a desire to profit at the expense of local communities (http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/business/local-business/fylde-fracking-group-pins-its-hopes-on-belief-1-7652326) because the exact opposite is true.

At Backing Fracking, a residents’ collective dedicated to supporting shale gas, we want local communities to prosper.

We believe that fracking, if exploration is successful and it goes ahead at scale, could lead to the creation of better jobs, with better pay and better prospects in parts of the country that really need them, like Blackpool and Preston.

The constant effort to portray all shale gas supporters as being in the pay of the industry, or seeking to gain from it personally, is divisive and speaks more to the character of the people opposing it than it does those of us that hope it will one day go ahead.

It’s clear that fracking opponents want to suppress our voices so that media reporting continues to give the false impression that nobody wants it.

We want it, and we’re not alone.

We believe that most rational Lancashire residents accept that gas is essential to our way of life, that it’s better to produce our own rather than increasingly rely on expensive foreign imports, and that by doing so it’s possible to create thousands of jobs and new taxes for government to spend on frontline public services and subsidies for renewable energy.

We just see things differently. We’re entitled to our views and we’re entitled to share them too - which we will continue to do in 2016 and beyond, because we believe in fracking.

Ellie Rylands

Backing Fracking


Petrol letter 
missed the point

Dr Barry Clayton’s letter of December 31 fails to consider the effect of fuel duty, VAT and pound dollar exchange rates.

At the end of August £1 bought $1.54, currently the figure is $1.48 and oil is quoted in US dollars.

HM Government levies £0.58/ litre fuel duty and then applies 20 per cent VAT (yes duty is taxed!) on the total fuel + duty.

Recalculating the price change for petrol without duty and tax the reduction has been 23 per cent without taking into consideration the fall in the value of the pound.

Much closer to the 26.5 per cent drop than the 8.1 per cent claimed by Dr Clayton.

Peter Whitehead

Poulton Road



Why is nothing done to fix the pavement?

I have heard it said that Lockwood Avenue is one of the nicest places to live in Poulton. Being a resident in this road for over 48 years I am inclined to agree.

Why when we all pay taxes etc and the majority of the residents love being here, why do the council not repair the footpaths which are dangerously uneven with tree roots lifting the surfaces very badly?

The road itself is most uneven. The sidewalk at the top of the Avenue is so clogged with slippery leaves from the recent bad weather we have been experiencing that it will not be long before someone will fall or slip as no effort has been made to clear them. The actual road has been here for Lord knows how long yet various things have happened to the surfaces of both footpaths and the road when we have had breakdowns in water supply and electricity etc. STILL no full repairs have been done only the repair needed at that moment. The footpath on the right hand side going down the avenue has at least two or three trees uprooting themselves .

Can’t something be done here or are the council waiting for one of us to break a leg or ankle?

Joan Bithell

Lockwood Avenue



New Year’s Honours List stinks

What a shambles is the New Year’s Honours List.

It makes Harold Wilson’s Lavender List look positively fragrant!

Congratulations however to those who really deserved their awards such as those who helped fight the deadly Ebola crisis - more of these types please!

Derek Hollingsworth

Via email


Why employ a 
Canadian for job?

I find it incredible that with all the highly intelligent people we have in this country, who are quite capable of being the governor of the bank of England, instead we employ a Canadian, Mark Carney, who is costing us a fortune in earnings, plus £250,000 housing allowance per year.

Resulting in a luxury home for him, his wife and four daughters, in leafy West Hampstead.

Tax payer funded of course.

Some would say nice work if you can get it.

Dav Thwaite

Via email


Job titles don’t 
matter but pay does

In my youth we had bin men and farm workers.

Now, no doubt in order to attract staff, we have refuse operatives and I have seen an advert for skilled arable operatives.

The jobs are the same but with grandiose titles. Names don’t mean a thing but pay does.

Peter Hyde

Via email