Letters - January 31, 2014

Signing up for organ donation
Signing up for organ donation
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Organ donations


We were delighted to read that one of your readers has decided to donate their corneas in order ‘to help someone to see and appreciate the beauty of the world’ (Letters January 27).

As your reader highlighted, age is not a barrier to being an organ or tissue donor.

In fact, there have been people aged in their 70s and 80s who have become organ donors and saved lives.

However, it’s vital that people tell their family if they would like to donate their organs, as it will be too late to donate by the time they read it in a will.

Telling your family today that you want to be an organ donor after you die and registering as a donor are the best ways to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Anyone can register on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Every organ donor could save or enhance the lives of up to nine people.

To join the NHS Organ Donor Register or to find out more about donating, visit www.organdonation.nhs.uk. Or people can call 0300 123 23 23.

Lee Alexander

Specialist Nurse -

Organ Donation for Blackpool

NHS Blood and Transplant

Singing for heroes

Join choir

Blackpool Royal British Legion needs its own choir, can you help?

We have our own resident organist Terry Webster, eight sessions a week, Thursday to Sunday, lunchtimes and evenings.

The members and guests do the rest, dance, sing a few songs, or tell a few jokes.

We all have a lot of fun.

Talking of which, congratulations to former Roly Poly Sandy who is up for a top Tourist Board Award.

Sandy and her husband, top comedian Derrick Griffiths, often entertain us.

They and many other Blackpool ‘stars’ help us to help our heroes of yesteryear, our ex-servicemen and women.

Every last penny raised by the Poppy Appeal and Ian Coleman’s Poppython goes to help them.

The expenses and overheads are paid from our membership fees.

We pay for the privilege of helping our ex-service heroes.

So now you know what you are in for, you can join the Legion or enter as a guest, and with luck our Blackpool Royal British Legion Choir will take off.

Roger Goodred

Charles Street


Tough times

Affects me

I found the Lost Generation investigation a riveting read.

It doesn’t just affect young people, but people like me in our 40s, too.

I used to be a porter at Wesham Park Hospital before it closed, and a kitchen porter doing the washing up at Ribby Hall holiday village.

Now I am off with an industrial injury and the Job Centre is refusing to pay me employment support allowance or industrial injury disease benefit.

So we’re on parcels from the food bank too.

On a lighter side, StayBlackpool have sent some friends of mine holiday brochures in an attempt to get them to come and stay in Blackpool.

Also, I am trying to persuade Rebellion Festivals, who organise Blackpool’s punk festival, to book the Birmingham sleazy-punk band Drag.

Sadly the band We’ve Got A Fuzzbox lost their air guitarist to cancer in October 2012.

God bless Joanne Dunne. She was talented, angelic and beautiful.

John Aspinall

Fylde Street


Vandalised birds


When the workmen were fixing the beautiful bright birds on to the sea wall at Cleveleys, my brother and I were cycling past on the promenade and saw how they were fixing them into the wall.

We said they looked great, but wondered how long it would be before vandals would smash or pull the birds out to steal them.

We noticed that the birds had steel rods on the base of them about 2cm thick and 40cm long and, from what I saw, had no bend or thick block on the end to secure them into the concrete (but if there was a stop end put on that I did not see as we rode past – then sorry I could be wrong on this point).

I cannot for the life of me understand how, with all the people involved in this project at a cost of £12,000 no-one envisaged that just by twisting and pulling the rods, with no bends or end blocks on the shafts, that they could be lifted and pulled out.

I would also suggest it would be beneficial to put a short length of hardened rustproof tube or piping over the bird leg that attaches to the wall, making it harder to saw through. I hope that they do manage a safe way to return all the swallows soon as they will be an interesting asset to the promenade.

It is a shame the sea swallows have been vandalised before most interested people have even had a chance to see them.

E. Jameson