Letters - January 31, 2013

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MOST of us like their MP to be on their side rather than acting as party apologist for their Government, as is Paul Maynard’s stance (Letters January 28) -‘We need a welfare system that is fair to workers’.

Fair to the working people who pay for it, but not trampling on those who need help.

Benefits for the jobless have risen by 20 per cent since the crash while wages for low-paid workers have gone up by 10 per cent. But percentages aren’t money.

Twenty per cent of Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) of £71 is £14.20, but 10 per cent of the national minimum wage (40 hours at £6.19 hourly, £247.60 weekly) is £24.76.

So even the lowest paid are £10.56 better off weekly than the out-of-work on benefit.

Food and heat are going up by more than four per cent annually and, because the poor spend more of their income on them, they are hit even more.

In three years JSA will be worth £73.15. The Institute of Fiscal Studies has calculated jobless claimants will be at least £7.41 a week worse off under these new rules.

David Miliband pointed out in the Commons debate of January 8 that if the Government had limited tax relief on pension contributions to no more than the average salary of £26,000 annually, the savings there would have avoided the decision to cut benefits at all from the poorest.

But there again, unemployment benefits have fallen from 22 per cent of average earnings in 1979, to 11 per cent today.

At the same time the Sunday Times Rich List notes 1,000 multi-millionaires have increased their income and wealth since 2009 by £155,000M.

Fairness? The figures say otherwise. Welfare? I hate this Americanism which takes us away from the Britishness of real social security.


Blackpool Council.

CAT Rescue would be interested in hearing from readers regarding their cat’s food preferences.

We are aware how cats will really enjoy a particular flavour of cat food and then suddenly refuse it.

Recently there seems to be a huge change en-masse in the cat population in that they refuse tinned food, and almost all cats refuse to eat beef flavour of any make.

We know this from the cats we deal with at the cattery, and also from the donated food we are given.

Readers can contact us on catrescue2007@
btinternet.com or at 2 South Moss Road, St Annes.


St Annes Cat Rescue.

PLEASE could I ask any dog walkers using The Green on St Annes Promenade to keep a look out for not one but two wedding rings lost during the recent snow.

I believe they probably fell off while throwing a ball while walking my dogs, the rings were quite loose and the cold weather had made it worse.

My usual stretch is between the car park at beach terrace walking towards Fairhaven, in and out of the dunes then through the gap at end of the green back to the Chadwick Hotel.

Obviously they have great sentimental value to me as one was my mother’s.

If found please take to St Annes Police 


York Road,

St Annes.