Letters - January 29, 2013

Carleton Crossing.
Carleton Crossing.
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OVER the past few weeks, traffic approaching Carleton level crossing from both Blackpool Old Road and Blackpool Road has been periodically controlled by temporary traffic lights, causing considerable queuing in all directions.

For years there have ongoing problems with resultant traffic congestion whenever trains pass through the crossing.

I remember contacting Lancashire Highways Agency about five years ago to suggest a mini-roundabout at the junction of the two roads as a cost-effective way of alleviating the traffic congestion.

Creating two approaching lanes on Blackpool Old Road to separate the traffic turning onto the crossing from either direction would improve the flow on this road whenever vehicle queues gather, as trains approach.

The two lanes could be achieved by slightly narrowing the wider pavements at the junction.

Traffic-flow over the crossing on Blackpool Road (from Carleton) would also improve as these vehicles would have priority, at the roundabout, over Blackpool Old Road traffic approaching from Poulton.

The Highways Agency stated at the time they had previously considered a roundabout solution but objections had been raised by local residents.

The current proposal of traffic lights would, however, in my humble opinion, result in regular long queues in at least one direction so (also considering the increased traffic volumes resulting from the ongoing development of the Collegiate Campus) I doubt local residents will experience much improvement from current traffic congestion.

I wonder, therefore if a mini-roundabout would now seem less objectionable.


Westfield Avenue,


IN response to Steve Canavan’s column (Gazette January 24), here are a few sayings my mum used to use, and we still use them;

We’re short of nowt we’ve got.

They don’t spoil another couple.

I knew him when he had nowt (usually said about a tramp).

She’s no better than she 
should be!

Two heads are better than one even if one’s a cabbage.

He/she’s well in his/her hat (said when the hat in question was a trifle large).


Newhouse Road,


HAVE people picked up on the latest rip-off by one power company?

This is a ‘standing charge’ on both my electricity and gas bills.

Not satisfied with the huge profits they are making, they has also slipped this in without (as far as I know, certainly not me), informing people.

I rang to query it, and was told it was to pay for the 
meter reading.

And I do it for them!


Victoria Road West,