Letters - January 28, 2014

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw speaks to people at Booths in Lytham.
Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw speaks to people at Booths in Lytham.
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Cost of policing


I reiterate my recent objection to any increase to council tax in the Fylde coast area.

Police commissioner Clive Grunshaw and co can splash about as many statistics as they like about people ‘prepared’ to pay an increase.

They are not agreeing to a rise but, because they are emotionally blackmailed into thinking there will be a loss of policing, think there is no other way.

If simply asked if they want to, the answer would be a resounding no.

I suggest again that a serious cut in police vehicles is one option and add from my last comment the suggestion that all PCSOs should be dispensed with but with the proviso that one in four of them are encouraged to take full training to becoming a police officer proper.

This will not only represent a considerable extra saving, but also add a genuine extra security to the area by more beat officers rather than the false security of PCSOs who merely lean on fences chatting.

The post of commissioner was created to sort the affairs of the police, yet barely a snippet of time in his job has passed before Mr Grunshaw has turned cap in hand to the tax payer to bail the force out.

That is not what I call doing one’s job at all.

A mere child of 10 years old could have done that much for a bag or two of gob-stoppers instead of £80,000 a year.

My wife and I already pay double council tax because Blackpool Council changed from half to full council tax on our empty flat since last April.

This is because of incompetence in managing tax payers’ money too.

Get real or get out, should be the motto for all those in jobs paid by the taxpayer.

Chris Wiseman

South Shore

Thanks for article


May I thank you for the design of the centre spread in last Thursday’s paper, another fine example of the Gazette’s commitment to its involvement in our Fylde community, and especially for Jacqui Morley’s splendid writing.

The Shakespeare piece was lyrical journalism with telling phrases and beautiful of language.

I very much hope her article will encourage more small teams of local folk, at work, at school, and in their social groups, to step forward and be part of an exciting whole.

I am waiting for them to contact me by letter to Town Hall, by telephone on (01253) 399311, or by email at cllr.david.owen@

Coun David Owen

Blackpool Council

Cuts to armed services


Prime Minister David Cameron has been criticised by former US defence secretary Robert Gates, for the savage cuts that his coalition government made to our armed services, saying the UK would no longer have the full “spectrum capabilities”, and he’s right.

Ninety percent of the UK’s imports and exports are carried by ships, we have global interests, commitments and dependencies, and shipping is both vital and requires protection.

The world is becoming more dangerous by the day and yet since gaining power the Conservative-led coalition government, through their clueless cuts, have seriously weakened our defences.

They literally scrapped the Nimrod maritime aircraft, even before it flew, wasting at least £3.5bn, scrapped our aircraft carriers, sold off the Harrier jump-jets and have sacked thousands of servicemen and women, with thousands still to go.

Cameron stated “we are still a first class player”.

Our brave servicemen a women certainly are. He and his Government are clearly not.

Philip Griffiths

North West President

UK Independence Party

Not about the money

Shale gas

Ben Wallace MP in toeing the party line (Politically Correct January 22) misses the whole point about shale gas.

It’s not about money, except for the companies involved.

It’s about serious detrimental effects fracking has on communities – contaminated water, carcinogenic chemicals rising to the surface, destruction of agricultural land and crops, sick cattle, polluted gases and hundreds of lorries.

That is why bribes are on offer.

We have already experienced two earthquakes.

Three estate agents have since closed in Poulton.

Who wants to live in a fracking area?

With their automated machinery, jobs will be negligible and if we think the gas will be cheap, then we really are on one of the carbon monoxide gas clouds.

Fracking is dangerous, unethical and unhealthy and should be banned as they have done in France, Germany, Switzerland, Quebec, New York state etc.

Mr D. Barker

Pine Crescent