Letters - January 28, 2013

Poulton le Fylde
Poulton le Fylde
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LIKE a lot of people from Over Wyre, I do some of my shopping in Poulton because of the wide variety of shops there and just lately because of the open air market.

We see a very large supermarket is to be built in the centre with the closure of six businesses including the Co-op in the Teanlowe Centre which means plans by Dransfield Properties could not go ahead. This means the closure of small businesses within the Market Hall when the supermarket is built.

The building of this supermarket would mean there would be very little small shops as at present which would mean the death of Poulton as a shopping centre.

May I suggest Wyre Council takes urgent action to sort this problem out by calling a meeting of all parties which is to include Wyre Council, Booths, Dransfield Properties and the small businesses of Poulton.

I fear Poulton will end up as a ghost town with people only going there for food shopping at Booths.


Smithy Lane


THANK goodness for the temporary three-way traffic lights at the busy junction of Blackpool Road and Blackpool Old Road, Carleton, but why are they not on all the time?

I queued as far back as the Sixth Form College buildings on Blackpool Old Road at 5pm only to find the lights were switched off.

After passing over the railway crossing I was horrified to see the poor motorists coming the other way were in a tailback stretching almost to the bend near Carleton Crematorium.

The Gazette reported Network Rail as saying traffic management staff would be on site during peak hours. I assume they are the chaps in high visibility jackets sitting in a hire van parked on the pavement at the T junction.

If 5pm does not constitute peak hours then I don’t know what does. Also, the lights have been taken away completely at weekends.

As we are stuck with this situation until the Tithebarn Street bridge in Poulton is re-opened in the summer then I would hope our local councillors will be asking Network Rail why the lights are switched off at peak times and then removed at night and weekends.


WITH Blackpool Football Club in need of new training facilities, and David Haythornthwite planning a new football centre (Gazette January 24), surely these two parties should pool resources and ideas to come up with a state-of-the-art modern complex that would serve the whole of the Fylde Coast.



OUR Prime Minister is now promising yet again a referendum on membership of the EU.

But only after the next General Election.

Either he is suffering from an acute selective memory, or he is being blatantly insulting to the electorate.

He should be reminded he promised exactly the same thing before the last General Election, and we all know the result of that promise.

Come on Cameron. The public will not fall for any more lies.



I HAVE been pleased to see a lively debate about increases in benefit levels, culminating in a House of Commons vote where Labour opposed capping many benefit increases at one per cent, but failed to pledge to reverse this were they to come to power.

I strongly believe we need a welfare system that is fair to the working people who pay for it, but does not trample on those who need help.

Most benefit levels have risen twice as fast as average earnings since the financial crisis, including by 5.2 per cent last year – this is not fair.

The benefits being uprated by one per cent include out of work benefits like JSA and Income Support, and also some benefits that go to people in work like Working Tax Credit.

We will still be increasing benefits such as the state pension or Disability Living Allowance by more than one per cent.

Striking that balance is fair when we’re capping public sector wages at one per cent too.

And we should not neglect the other side of this debate, which should be about doing all Government can do to keep the cost of living down through improving energy efficiency, and restricting the rise in petrol prices, amongst other things.

But most people who are in work will benefit from the biggest ever increase in the personal allowance coming this April.

As a result of the Autumn Statement the average working household will actually be £125 better off this April.

And this year we are also introducing Universal Credit which will provide a big boost for working people on low incomes.

So a balance has to be struck, and I believe this to be a fair and appropriate one.


Conservate MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys