Letters - January 27, 2016

Picture by Allan McKenzie/YWNG - 12/01/16 - Press - Junior Doctors' Strike, Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, England - Junior doctors strike outside of Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield.
Picture by Allan McKenzie/YWNG - 12/01/16 - Press - Junior Doctors' Strike, Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, England - Junior doctors strike outside of Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield.
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Should we go back to the workhouse?

Mr Crawford’s letter (Your Say, Gazette, January 22) resembled an extract from a Charles Dickens novel – although the famous author described Victorian England without resorting to silliness.

The letter attempted to pass off foolish assumptions as facts, unlike letters from Mrs Nye, which he criticised, which do stick to facts.

Full Labour party membership is not £4. It is more than £40 unless a person is retired, unemployed or on a low income.

It’s less than 12 months since the General Election, yet he feels able to predict the 2020 election. Does he not know “seven days is a long time in politics”?

Regarding Trident. The latest estimate for the replacement weapon, which no one would want to use, is a staggering £120BILLION.

That at a time this government and the coalition ran down our armed forces, even handing out P45s to troops returning from service in Afghanistan. That is putting our country in danger at a time of heightened tension due to terrorist threats worldwide.

The latest news shows the average wage in the UK is now £44 per week LESS than in 2008. While the richest 10 per cent of society have truly “never had it so good”, thanks to tax cuts to the wealthy.

NHS hospitals are reporting shortfalls in funding of £2million each.

Electrification of rail services in many areas now has been put on hold for a further four years.

This Tory government is implementing harsh cuts to council funding, which affects everyone, but particularly those who need good services.

To suggest Labour’s leader will lead the country to be strike-ridden is utter nonsense. Is Mr Crawford not aware the BMA called a strike by junior doctors last week?

On the economy, the Conservatives have broken many promises, such as clearing the deficit by 2015.

Every government taking office in the UK since World War Two inherited a deficit.

The only government to run a surplus was the Blair government with Chancellor Gordon Brown. The financial crisis of 2008 was caused by the banks’ bad investments in collusion with US banks.

Jack Croysdill

Chairman Blackpool North/Cleveleys Labour Party


You can’t do a good job from a desk

I have written many times before complaining about the poor quality workmanship repairing potholes, and paved areas generally, around town.

Already the new paved areas in Abingdon Street, Church Street, Clifton Street and adjacent areas are breaking up and cracking. Paving slabs are loose, causing trip hazards.This is only after 18 months – what are these pavings going to be like in 20 years time?

Not enough care is taken before potholes are filled-in, ensuring the underlying layers are stabilised as well. The edges of the defective areas need to be sealed with bitumen to prevent moisture getting underneath again. None of this is being done! Consequently potholes reappear within days of being filled in. A waste of money.

I put the blame for these defects on the shoulders of the council. They pay the bills and should inspect the works before they clear the contractors for payment. If the council withholds payment on shoddy work, the contractors will soon toe the line.

I have spent 40 years supervising building contractors, ensuring that my company was getting quality work and value for money. You cannot get this sat behind a desk in the Town Hall.

Derek J Bunting

Birkdale Ave



We need inspections after bin collections

As the Fylde coast gets heavy rain and strong winds, “remnants” of the storm that brought severe blizzards to the US, I contacted a friend who lives in upstate New York, and asked him how things are.

Apart from the near one metre of snow, things are getting back to normal.

I asked him how his refuse collectors pick-up the rubbish, and he said with ease. I told him we have high winds, and showed him pictures of the debris that had blown from neighbours’ drives and bins onto the pathways.

He asked “when does your refuse get collected?” and I said today. He told me not to worry as they will tidy it all up.

He was shocked when I told him the pictures I had shown him were AFTER they had been!

Like myself, he was disgusted.

Until the council starts inspecting refuse pick-ups,how can the residents of Blackpool be called upon to “Keep Blackpool Tidy”?

In my opinion, they have no respect whatsoever in their job, or in the mess they leave behind.

Marcus Polakovs

via email


This talk of cuts is simply obscene

I feel I have to put pen to paper and register my absolute disgust at this talk of closing bus services and hospitals.

I remember when the economic situation first deteriorated, MPs made great play of making sacrifices, and cutting down.

Exactly what sacrifices have MPs ever made? They put all their expenses on the taxpayers’ lap. Buses? They don’t need buses – taxis on tap! Hospitals – they can cope with the private nursing.

Now, of course, local councils are responsible for curtailing of bus routes, no doubt the taxpayer pays for their taxis. So what are we left with?

The people who are too old to drive, the workers, how do they get to their place of work?

The sick, how do they get treatment? How will relatives, very old, or disabled, visit family and friends who are patients in the hospital?

To cut amenities and leave them isolated is obscene!

Denis Lane

Little Tongues Lane