Letters - January 25, 2013

Traffic outside the Tower where plans for a new crossing have been unveiled.
Traffic outside the Tower where plans for a new crossing have been unveiled.
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I FIND it amazing Blackpool is putting another pedestrian crossing on the Promenade.

The Prom will not become congested; it already is congested and has been since the new Prom was opened last year.

We used to have two lanes going each way which was a lot better for free flow, time and the carbon footprint.

Tourists do not know where to drive, I still see them driving up the tram tracks and I still don’t think that it is wide enough.

There is always standstill and slow moving traffic in the 20 mile stretch by The Tower and past the Metropole Hotel.

Why is there a little concrete divide by the tram line and the road near the Metropole.

It is unbelievable and you see pedestrians precariously balanced on it frequently; someone is going to fall off and under a passing car there.

I think the Prom is a really badly designed road, not to mention the amount of work to keep it repaired.


Countess Crescent,


MOST people will have been disgusted by the recent news horse DNA has been found in value brand burgers sold by Tesco and other retailers.

This story is disturbing because it sheds a light on how unscrupulous and profiteering food producers can adulterate our food without our knowledge.

This time it was horse product. Next time it could be something far worse.

To prevent such abuses of our food and the mass poisonings which were once commonplace, our society introduced regulations and inspectorates who together have ensured food is generally safe.

Those regulations and inspectorates are now under attack as the ConDem government slashes budgets and cuts vital regulations.

In the last three years the Food Standards Agency has had its budget cut by £12m.

By 2014 the budget for Trading Standards Services across the UK will have been cut by a third and more cuts are in the pipeline.


Keswick Road.


HOW nice it was to see that over the festive season, Wyre Council had a Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights, and very thoughtfully placed among the children’s resting place, at Garstang Road West 

A big thank you to all who took a part.

I’m sure this was appreciated by many parents,I know being a grandparent it was by me.