Letters - January 24, 2014

St John's Square
St John's Square
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St John’s Square

Not used

At last, it now makes sense to me.

Throughout the Christmas season I wondered where the Christmas fair, the continental market etc were that are usually on St John’s Square.

Why was the square not being used?

It seems the council kept the square empty so people would see it was wasted space, ‘so why not let traffic back in there.’

It could be thought the long term plans always did involve re-opening it to traffic, the bus stop is still there, the promised seating didn’t materialise.

It’s a shame to do that though.

The blockwork already shows signs of cracking without the traffic.

I’m sure over the next five weeks ‘consultation’ there will be a lot of noise made, but, at the end, the buses and cabs will once again ruin what could have been utilised as a wonderful town square, had the council bothered to try.

Toni Dagnall

Peter Street


Increase in food banks


The huge increase in the number of food banks in the UK continues.

Food banks are run by charities, many Christian groups such as the Trussell Trust, whose mission statement states that they ‘work to empower local communities to combat poverty and exclusion’.

They are non political, receive no government funding and provide assistance to all regardless of faith.

The Trust claims there are 13 million UK residents who rely on food banks, for they live below the poverty line, due to redundancy or simply their low income.

Food banks increased dramatically in 2013 due to need. One cannot just go along for free food. They have to be referred as someone in need.

What I find appalling is the statement by millionaire government minister Lord Freud who is reported as stating. ‘Food banks are there because people like free food’ and ‘the demand for food banks has nothing to do with the benefits squeeze’.

I believe Prime Minister David Cameron is also out of touch.

When asked on TV his opinion on the large increase in food banks which in recent years has tripled, he replied; ‘The increase is due to better advertising by the charities’.

That really does reveal how our PM has no idea whatsoever of the effects of redundancy, unemployment, the rising cost of food, electricity and gas etc, which affects all families particularly those on low incomes.

There are also many thousands of workers who are actually under-employed, as many of the ’new jobs’ we hear so much about are merely part time.

The situation is acute, for the Red Cross is now involved in food banks in the UK, the seventh richest country in the world.

This should be a cause for acute embarrassment to the government. However it appears the only people who are not aware of this very real problem is the government.

Jack Croysdill

Chairman, Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour Party

New markets closure


How sad I was to read about the New Market’s closure.

I’ve always stayed at hotels around South Shore and it was a joy to go into the market.

There was something for everybody and such friendly stall-holders.

Bond Street was also a joy to wander around.

Sadly not so now.

It certainly won’t stop me staying in Blackpool.

But myself and a few others who stay in the same hotel and can neither walk very far, or travel by tram to Cleveleys or Fleetwood, are going to be very sad and disappointed and it definitely won’t seem the same.

Mrs Barbara Garratt

Callon Street


Join in RAF fundraiser

Terry’s plea

As we all struggle to maintain our new year’s resolutions to get fit in 2014, I thought I would share news of a fantastic event being organised for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The ‘maRAFon’ will see elderly, injured and disabled RAF veterans and their families, friends and supporters, including myself, running, walking or rolling their own distance.

The amount raise is to be collected into a single grand total over the Easter weekend (April 18 to 21).

If like me you watch the London Marathon every year and think ‘that looks amazing’ but aren’t as fit as you would like to be, the maRAFon is for you.

You can do it wherever you like, however you like.

This can be in groups, or individually, on a treadmill, on the way to work, or even in the park.

It’s a great way for young and old, disabled and able-bodied, fit and unfit to come together and have fun while raising money to support those who give, or have given, service to this country.

Grab your sports bag and sign up at www.rafbf.org/

Sir Terry Wogan