Letters - January 24, 2013

Market Hall, Poulton le Fylde.
Market Hall, Poulton le Fylde.
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SO much for the council’s 
regeneration plans for Poulton town centre.

After supporting the application from Booths supermarket to relocate their business to the Teanlowe Centre and also leasing the car park to them, they have made it impossible for Dransfield Properties to pursue their own plans, resulting in every small businesses in the Market Hall being given six months notice to quit. Add to this the demise of at least another six businesses in the Teanlowe Centre, including the Co-Op, they will be responsible for the loss of somewhere in the region of 24 businesses and 150 jobs. If allowed to happen, it will spell the end of Poulton as a shopping centre.

At a time when small businesses are needed more than ever to help get this town back on its feet, are the council just going to sit back and let more than 20 of them be snuffed out at the stroke of a pen?

If they do it will be an absolute disgrace and total let down for all the businesses concerned and the thousands of people who come to shop here.

If the council is interested in keeping small businesses in Poulton town centre, then in the absence of a buyer for the Market Hall before July 2013, why don’t they invest in the future of the town by buying the Market Hall themselves, thus saving all these hard working businesses from closure?

They can use some of the income received from leasing the car park to Booths to do this.



SADLY after 91 years the music appears to have ended for HMV.

This latest high-street casualty is not only a tragedy for some 4,350 employees it is a blow for the British music industry in which we are a world leader. Last year 80 per cent of the top albums in the USA were by British artists. Adele’s hit ‘21’ sold more copies than Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. It is estimated we spend twice as much on music as do Americans.

Although downloading and streaming are now commonplace and discs are readily available online, it is known music sales are significantly affected by the so-called ‘shop-window’ effect. A 2010 study by a leading university showed stores like HMV significantly increased the demand for music by publicising new releases. Almost certainly, therefore, the closure of HMV will result in a drop in music sales. Since our music sales account for around 13 per cent of global music sales this is more bad news for our struggling economy.



CONGRATULATIONS to the family where cousins were born within hours of each other (Gazette January 21). I was struck, however, by the comment of the now grandmother, who said that at 42 she ‘had been waiting long enough to become a grandparent’. Each to his or her own but why this headlong rush to parenthood and grandparenthood?