Letters - January 23, 2015

All political commentators seem to be  predicting a hung parliament, according to Kevan Benfold
All political commentators seem to be predicting a hung parliament, according to Kevan Benfold
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Get used to having a hung parliament

All votes are relevant


Jack Gledhill (Your Say, January 16) tells us to vote anything except Labour or Conservative will make our votes irrelevant as only David Cameron or Ed Miliband can become our next Prime Minister.

Yet, all political commentators seem to be predicting another ‘hung parliament’ which will make votes for other parties even more relevant.

Mr Gledhill goes on to argue that coalition is the ‘worst possible outcome’.

I have to say that you’re going to have to get used to them, with Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Greens and the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists each taking a share of the votes, the chances of any one party achieving an overall majority is becoming less and less likely in the foreseeable future.

Kevan Benfold

Cornwall Avenue

North Shore

Carleton crematorium


I must respond to your correspondent (‘Well Kept’ Your Say January 15) who wrote in defence of Carleton Crematorium following a letter of criticism.

The initial correspondent who complained about maintenance referred not to the area where the graves are, but to the Rose Garden and the surrounding niche walls.

If the author of ‘Well Kept’ is visiting graves then she doesn’t have to watch her step on the moss-covered pathways surrounding the Rose Garden which are dangerous.

I too visit the cemetery regularly and I agree with the initial correspondent in that there are dead flowers and litter which haven’t been removed, not to mention the ‘holes’ in the niche walls.

This area is anything but ‘well kept’ and people need only go down to the niche walls and pathways to see this is true.

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Don’t cast people aside

Give help

A resort clean up means beggars and drinkers to be banned from streets (Gazette, January 20).

I do agree that Blackpool’s problems need some attention. However I don’t like this word ‘banned’.

It reminds me of the time in the early 19th century when people who stole items like ‘a chicken or clothing apparel’ were drummed out of the community and banned forever.

The beggars and alcoholics need a humanitarian approach.

Weather conditions today are freezing. They need a place of warmth, food and a bed. Not swept off the streets and cast aside.

These people called beggars and alcoholics live with no hope and suffer from social problems and high unemployment. People ‘down on their luck’ have always been part of society.

Many families have a member who could be one of these people.

Times have changed and more people are on the move.

People who want to return to their family surroundings (where they came from) will need a helping hand. It should be by encouragement and assistance not enforcement.

The bright lights of Blackpool are not so bright when you are homeless and have no money.

Mrs P. O’Connor

Portland Road


‘Suicidal’ forecast

Price freeze

Well done Ed Miliband! Yet another display of ‘unsafe hands’.

I quote: “The next Labour government will freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017.”

Is this the sort of suicidal forecast we can look forward to if we end up with you as our leader?

Poor foresight and a graphic display of how not to govern.

A wild statement with potentially grave consequence, as we see the price of crude oil dropping, a reduction in fuel costs at the pumps and price reductions for all commodities influenced, right down to a loaf of bread and a litre of milk and above all, a warm home!

Bob Long

Council candidate for Bourne Ward, Thornton

Holiday park gas

Hands tied

I am very pleased gas prices are being reduced and that users of natural gas have a choice of who they can purchase gas from.

But living on a residential/holiday park I do not have that choice.

Our prices for propane gas (LPG) have risen from £70 to £72.50p per 47kg cylinder and we can only purchase gas from the site.

I have been on the internet and found quotes of £60 and less.

I live on Willowgrove Park in Preesall and I can confirm that people who live here are far from happy about the situation but our hands seem tied.

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