Letters - January 22, 2014

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Assisted suicide


The Coronation Street actress whose cancer-suffering character ‘died’ this week has said that assisted suicide should be 

Opinion polls confirm that Julie Hesmondhalgh’s views are shared by many people in this country.

Medically assisted suicide is legal in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The safeguards in their laws have ensured there is no ‘slippery slope’ or encouragement for elderly people to die.

Opponents of right-to-die legislation say palliative care must be the only option available to sufferers close to the end of their lives.

Pain relief will be sufficient for the majority, but some individuals will want to say farewell and die peacefully at a time of their choosing and while they are still competent.

Their wishes should be respected.

An actress and a television soap opera have highlighted this issue once again and Parliament should take it up.

Our MPs should look to the example of our European neighbours and support a change in law.

Chris Davies

Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West

Mobility scooter help

Rescued me

A massive thank you to ASC Mobility in Lytham for saving my bacon twice in one week.

As a relatively new recruit to disabled life I was out on my mobility scooter when the battery died and I was stranded.

My husband saved me and ASC rescued my scooter.

In the interim, while being repaired I went out on my old scooter only to make it as far as Lytham Green when I developed a puncture. Totally stuck.

Once again my husband to my rescue and ASC mobility to my buggy rescue.

Nothing is too much trouble for the marvellous team in this little jewel of a shop in Lytham.

I know I am the bane of their lives but they always help me with a smile.

Thank you all and hopefully I won’t see you for a while!

Derren Riley

Bellingham Road


Applause for show

Ticked off

How amusing that Denise Nolan and her party should be lectured on theatre etiquette by a woman who turns its air blue with a four letter expletive (Letters, January 20).

Reminds me of an episode of ‘Are You Being Served’ in which cockney Miss Brahms complains about the maintenance man, Mr Harman, with the words “’I wouldn’’t mind but ‘‘es so bleedin’’ common!”’

Yes, I think you can dine out on that one, Denise.

Barry McCann

Prescot Place


Apparently Denise Nolan got a ticking off during a performance of Swan Lake.

If Ms Nolan wishes to cheer during a ballet may I suggest that she waits until one is performed at Bloomfield Road.

I have nothing but sympathy for the people who have paid good money to watch a show only to have it punctuated by the backside of the person in front.

While I do not condone the use of bad language in asking her and her party to sit down, I applaud the fact that they did.

Please consider the people behind you.

Martin Woodsford

St Albans Road

St Annes

Rural bus services


I am a student at St Aidan’s Technology College.

We received a note informing us about the cancellation of the 2C, 86 and 89 bus services after 7pm.

I personally think this is a bad idea due to the fact there are a lot of people who use these services throughout the day as well as night.

I live in Preesall and constantly have to use the 2C bus service to get to Blackpool as it is the only service that runs all year.

Most of my family live in Over Wyre and they have to use the 2C bus service to get back to their homes.

Not only do some people like me use the bus services to see people, a lot of people use the services to go out.

There are a lot of teenagers who travel from Hambleton, Stalmine, Preesall and Knott End to get to places like Poulton and Blackpool so they can “hang out” with their friends.

Most do go before 7pm, however they do not normally return until around 9pm.

At the weekends the bus services are used a lot so that people can get home from their evening’s entertainment.

So many people use these services after 7pm for so many different reasons.

If the county council is planning to cut the bus services after 7pm to save money then I think they should at least 
rethink the problem.

They could keep the bus services on but change the timing so they go every hour and a half or something along those lines.

A lot of people will no longer want to go out because there will be only one way home 
after 7pm and not everyone can afford a taxi home.

Kayleigh Hill (aged 14)