Letters - January 22, 2013

Traffic outside the Tower where plans for a new crossing have been unveiled.
Traffic outside the Tower where plans for a new crossing have been unveiled.
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THE new Promenade looks good in places but it is very badly constructed and by its very nature of a so-called shared space it will always cause gridlocking of traffic.

Whoever the council employed to design and specify the materials used for construction should be hung out to dry.

The existing three zebra crossing points are failing badly and need reconstructing, also the illuminated poles supporting the beacons have been struck by passing vehicles.

Likewise further large areas of the block paved carriageway are already in a very bad state of repair and need re-laying.


BRING back energy efficiency funding

The recent cold weather would have made many people acutely aware that, following the closure of the ‘Warm front’ scheme, there is now, for the first time in 30 years, no Treasury-funded scheme to tackle fuel poverty.

The government has instead shifted the cost of home insulation and other crucial energy efficiency measures onto consumers through its ill-considered Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation.

Cold homes are damaging the health of our most vulnerable citizens, including children and the elderly.

But there is a fair and permanent solution.

We can have warm homes and reduce our fuel bills if the government uses the money it makes from carbon taxes to properly fund a nationwide home energy efficiency programme.

If you support this move, which would also create new jobs, please sign the petition at www.energybillrevolution.org.


Blackpool and Fylde Green Party.

THIRTY years ago when I decided to buy a hotel, the main reason I chose Blackpool was the very good access to the town.

We are the only seaside town with a motorway right into the heart and traffic flow through the town, making it easy for people to reach hotels and the seafront.

Since I retired after many successful years, I have watched consecutive council officers and councillors do their best to stop this very important facility and so it continues.

The Promenade is very pretty but does not work in its present form.

People who would normally use Yeadon Way now use Preston New Road, which twice a day is completely gridlocked right back to the M55 access, as is the Promenade running both north and south.

I am led to believe there are plans to put an extra junction across from Little Marton Windmill to feed the new hospital, what a piece of brilliant planning I don’t think, there are going to be vast repercussions from doing this.

It is essential we give visitors easy access to this town’s facilities for Blackpool to thrive.


Hawkshead Terrace


WHY don’t the town planners get their heads out of the sand and admit their biggest mistake reducing the Promenade from four lanes to two.

I don’t use the Promenade anymore because I do not have the inclination to work out how much extra time I may spend sitting in a traffic jam to ensure I will reach my destination for an appointment.

The only solution to avoid the Promenade and the town from snarling up is to put the Promenade back to four lanes.

The money spent on doing so would make more sense than borrowing £1m plus to demolish the ABC/Syndicate to provide a car park.


Thornton Cleveleys

ON a cold, grey January afternoon, Blackpool is as deserted as it will ever be.

So, driving north from St Annes, why has the traffic come to a standstill just south of Central Pier?

Has there been a major road accident, a serious fire, a terrorist threat to the Tower?

Inch by inch, stop start, I move forward.

Apart from a few workmen in yellow vests, hidden behind a wall of cones close to the Tower, and gazing at the ground as if seeking divine intervention, I encounter no cause for the hold-up.

It is not until I have passed the Metropole Hotel that I can let go of the hand-brake and move out of first gear.

Could it possibly be the Promenade itself? It is quite obviously designed by a non-driver with a loathing of cars, vans, buses, lorries - anything on wheels.

Probably the same person who chose the materials for the road surface.

Has anyone from Blackpool Council put his or her hand up and said ‘It was me’? Not likely. Mistakes are unheard of.

So now we have ‘problematic Promenade’ to go with ‘lamentable Layton’. Could the designers be connected?

For a period we had ‘botched Bispham’ until the alterations were reversed.

Any chance of this happening on the Prom or in Layton? Don’t hold your breath.


Boston Avenue