Letters - January 2, 2014

Blackpool Town Hall.
Blackpool Town Hall.
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Town hall services

Tough time

The last block grant to Blackpool Council from the Government of Brown/Darling was £132m.

In 2011/12 Cameron, Osborne and Clegg reduced the grant by £18.5m, in 2012/13 by another £23.7m, in the current year they cut it by £47.5m.

In the next year it goes down by £63.1m, in the last year of this Parliament they intend to chop it by another £83.1m.

In the five years of this coalition, the Government will have taken £235.8m from our local economy.

It has nothing to do with paying off debt.

It has everything to do with freeing the wealthy from paying their proper share into the national pot.

It is all part of their masterplan to make the state smaller in imitation of the Republican party’s programme in America.

The Tory led coalition do this by getting rid of all that makes us into a modern, caring and sensitive community and turns us into an ‘I’m all right Jack’ society where the better off continue to do even better, the poor face destitution, and most of us hold our heads in amazement that all this madness is taking place and we seem helpless to do anything about it.

Opposition colleagues respond by blaming the council’s financial difficulties on the switch-on, school breakfasts, uncollected business rates, no-smoking signs in the parks and using reserves.

Blackpool Council at the end of this Parliament will have an income from Government effectively cut by 56 per cent.

Every activity the public has enjoyed over the years from the town hall is under threat.

Coun David Owen


Electronic cigarettes

Ban them

I read with interest in The Gazette this month that Chris Davies, MEP for the North West, has been campaigning to ensure so-called e-cigs are widely available in our region (Letters December 23).

Is this something to be proud of?

Personally I think they should be banned.

If I invented a consumer product that ensures the people buying them become addicted to a chemical, ensuring my profits rocketed and remained high, I would expect Government legislation or a campaign against me from people worried about their children’s futures.

Somehow we have been fooled into believing that these things are beneficial.

We are told they help people addicted to real cigarettes to break that habit.

OK, they may not fill your lungs with cancer -causing tar and carcinogens, but they do feed that un-natural nicotine addiction.

And they are widely available over the internet, to the point that teenagers at school use them. The attractive fruity flavours appeal all too readily to kids.

Chris, I think you should have put your extensive energies in Europe into something to benefit mankind, not to enslave it.


(by email)

Road accident fear

Come true

I’m afraid my prediction that it was only a matter of time before somebody would be knocked down outside Wilkinson’s in Talbot Road has come true.

I have been informed that an ambulance has attended the scene to take a person to hospital.

I have also been informed that some of the signs in the road near to Wilkinson’s have been damaged, this by an earlier accident.

James Bithell

Lightburne Avenue

St Annes

Christmas television

Time travel

Am I the only one who was disappointed with the television schedules over Christmas?

Doctor Who was great for special effects, but following the intricacies of the plot required a first class degree in physics!

Still Open All Hours also involved time travel of a type, attempting to take us back to the original concept of the show.

But it wasn’t the same without the wit of the late Ronnie Barker.

BBC2’s reshowing of an old film classic turned out to be our viewing highlight.

Guns of Navarone from 1961 was duly recorded and kept our household very well entertained!



Economics of energy


It is sad to see MP Paul Maynard not understanding the economic reality of the energy business (Live Wire December 27).

The energy companies are in business to make money, maximise profits and keep their investors happy, at the same time as keeping the energy companies bosses happy with telephone number remunerations and eye watering perks.

If everyone follows the advice to reduce energy consumption it is blindingly obvious that the energy companies will make less money and they won’t stand for that situation.

So the blindingly obvious answer for them would be to put prices up.

Us plebs end up paying even more for even less.

Keith Hallam

First Avenue