Letters - January 18, 2016

Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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Who knows what’s life-threatening?

I find it not only incredible, but also irresponsible of those who speak on behalf of the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to call on people suffering from coughs, flu and minor ailments to stay away from A&E so they can concentrate on only those with life-threatening illnesses (Gazette, January 11).

So we are to understand that unless it is life-threatening, we should go to our pharmacist, ring 111 for help, or see our GP.

I would like to remind Professor Mark O’Donnell of the Urgent Care Centre (A&E) and Dr Tony Naughton (and others) that A&E is not a last resort!

The NHS A&E is for accidents and emergencies, and the reason doctors are there is to see to all accidents and emergencies, and it is doctors who have to determine the seriousness of that illness or injury.

In this very same issue of the Gazette is the story of sportsman Sam Owen, who after receiving a head injury during a game, ultimately needed a life-saving operation about which his surgeons said, – had he have gone home to sleep that evening instead of going to hospital, he would not have woken up the following morning.

If he had heard the health authorities’ advice, he would undoubtedly have erred on not seeking medical attention!

We know it is a serious problem, but like it or not, it is at government level where initial action is required.

What we don’t need is a pompous message telling them to stay away at a sudden time of need because you’re busy!

Chris Wiseman

South Shore


No one stands up for the local people

I totally agree with John Williams (Your Say, January 14).

This government is riding roughshod over every decision made by locally elected councillors with whom they chose not to agree.

Take the Hallite business; four times their application to store gas under Wyre was rejected.

In walks a previously unknown lord and reverses their decision. Democracy?

Now we have Cameron and his gang hellbent on forcing fracking on Fylde’s lovely countryside. It has been rejected by Lancashire County Council, now the decision will be taken by one of Cameron’s cronies, who will no doubt overrule whatever the council decide on Cuadrilla’s appeal. Democracy?

Our Prime Minister once stated on television that he was all for the democratic right of elected councillors to make decisions on behalf of the electorate.

Sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

David Nicholls



MPs must practice what they preach

I do not have sufficient knowl-edge to comment on the merits/demerits of Jeremy Hunt’s proposals to the junior doctors regarding their future pay and conditions.

His claim that 75 per cent of them will be better off, must however, mean that a quarter of them will not.

In the recent nine per cent pay rise awarded to MPs, were 25 per cent of them excluded from that deal?

Denis Lee

via email