Letters - January 18, 2012

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ON one of my rare visits to Blackpool I was appalled – as were three friends with me – with the amount of chewing gum on pedestrian walkways in the town.

I moved to Poulton 13 years ago – I’m Sandgrown – and am so sad to see what’s happening in Blackpool generally.

Why do folk have no respect for the town of Blackpool?

No signs of such chewing gum deposits in Poulton thank goodness.

Do these folk behave like this in their own homes? Very, very sad times.

And there is the cost and time of removing this sticky stuff.

As Blackpool taxpayers you should all be complaining about these uncaring folk.


Breck Road,


I WOULD like to comment on the continuing cheek of Halite Energy which wants to store gas underground in Over Wyre.

This project has been rejected on two occasions yet this company is making a laughing stock of the system; along with this Kensington Housing who want to build on Queensway on the edge of St Annes.

This is the trouble with the British.

We stand for too much in more ways than one.


Anchorsholme Lane,


IT is two weeks since I reported the fact the pavement on Waddington Road, St Annes, opposite the Spar had been badly damaged, meaning it was unsafe to walk on.

It means pedestrians have to either go on the road, or onto the adjacent field, and this footpath is very close to a primary school.

Lancashire County Council promptly examined the damage, and marked the area to be repaired.

By Friday, January 13, the area remained unrepaired. Apart from the obvious health and safety risk to the general public, is this a realistic proper use of public funds?


Harrogate Road,

St Annes.