Letters - January 17, 2018

Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield Road
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Future of our club remains in balance

The future of Blackpool Football Club remains in the balance. It has been made very clear to the Oystons that the fans have wanted them out for a while. It seems several parties have signed non-disclosure agreements with them.

An anonymous business man - a lifelong supporter, brought up in Blackpool - is interested in buying the club from the Oystons, but is allegedly being continuously ignored by them.

Why is this? Is it a) jealousy, because they know his ownership would be a resounding success, geared to putting fans’ wishes first, or b) their way of retaliation for the fans’ venom over the last few years? Whatever the motive for their silence (and only the Oystons know this), their conduct is wrong and can only result in more bitterness and frustration for all concerned. It’s called the Law of Karma - what you give out, you get back! A huge change of attitude is needed, on the part of the Oystons.

Whilst it is understandable that they don’t want to relinquish control of the club, the events of the last few years have shown that it’s time to let go, for everyone’s sake, including their own.

It’s not too late to have a change of heart, put all financial options on the table, and let the best man win.

They, too, would feel a lot happier when it’s all done and dusted!

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


I would be ashamed

Having read the letter from S.Bonham (Your Say, January 12) i would like to say how right most people would regard her comments regarding the state of our town centre. If i were the council member for town centre ward, I would be ashamed.

A few years ago council member Coun Fred Jackson said the building of Bickerstaff house would regenerate the Talbot Road area. I would be interested to hear what he thinks now. I firmly believe the council is not interested in the town and its people, only in ‘fantasy projects’.

Neal Duffy

Via email


Crisis? Just say 
it’s fake news

Theresa May in her hurried visit to meet the newly elected President in 2017, obviously left without his advice of how to deal with the type of current crisis she faces regarding the NHS.

Just claim it is fake news!

Or his she hoping that those arch Brexiteers, of Farage, Gove and Johnson will rescue her in a year’s time when the Health Service coffers are filled with the promises they made that will resolve the situation?

Denis Lee



Working on tennis and Scout dream

Another successful tennis season in Highfield Park followed as usual at South Shore tennis club for the winter, children under our coach Peter, as enthusiastic as ever, and improving week after week.

We are still hoping we can get the Lawn Tennis Association on board, to help realise my dream of tennis becoming a sport in Blackpool which we become known for far and wide.

We still need others to get on board and still hope the dream comes true, but we are proud of what has been achieved, due to the children, their parents, grandparents week after week, each Thursday after school, turning up for the past five years, plus the support of John Blackledge and the Lawn Tennis Association. Our sessions are open to one and all and I even have some parents who hopefully can become level one coaches, meaning we can take even more children on board.

Also we are now starting to raise funds for my beloved Scout Association. Our first coffee morning for 2018 is on January 20 in St Christopher’s church hall. We are, as usual, sending Blackpool Scouts to various parts of the world spreading the word about our wonderful town. The Scouts help out other countries and show what remarkable children we have, and what splendid leaders, giving up their time and expertise, so they grow up realising helping others is a great thing to do.

All that we do costs money of course and we do raise funds through our different events, but to do that we need you to come along and support us. There, hope to see as many as can manage, not only in January but through the whole of 2018.

Councillor Lily Henderson MBE

Highfield Ward