Letters - January 16, 2013

Cracked pavement in Lord Street, Fleetwood.
Cracked pavement in Lord Street, Fleetwood.
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THE roads everywhere are crumbling because of the lack of maintenance but this is now spreading to the pedestrian areas.

Fleetwood’s Lord Street pavements have pools of water after the lightest of rainfalls Lofthouse Way and Fishermans Walk, at the southern end of Lord Street. is particularly hazardous, there are sunken paving slabs raised edging stones and loose paving blocks. This area was gifted to the town by the Lofthouse family.

The least Wyre Council could do is to keep it in good order.


Pharos Ward

Wyre Council

I NOTED a letter to the Gazette from Terry Bennett, the hard working chairman of Grange Park Community Association, some weeks ago.

The letter concerned a missing post box on Horsebridge Road.

It had originally been attached to a lamppost, however following the renewal of lamppost the post box disappeared.

I felt, like Mr Bennett, that this disadvantaged people who used the post box.

I made contact with the Royal Mail and received a reply that a brand new free standing post box will be installed next to the lamppost pending local authority and utility company permission. There are many ways that constituents can contact me and I will always try my best to help. I always read the The
 Gazette and if a story or a letter leaps out at me I will, as the MP for all in Blackpool North and Cleveleys, intervene with a view of helping and bringing about a fair and satisfactory conclusion.


MP for Blackpool North and


I TOTALLY agree with Kay Eaves (Letters January 10)

You only have to look at the rise in popularity that UKIP is enjoying to realise that there is unrest in the minds of English people.

A European Economic Community is what we voted for, not a federal government headed by the Germans.

David Cameron has promised us a referendum on Europe, but keeps telling the people “The time is not right”.


The time is now.

Or is he such a coward knowing full well the result of such a vote by the people of this country?

Does he put his personal standing in Europe above his reputation amongst the English people?


Elder Close