Letters - January 15, 2013

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I JUST want to thank everyone who came to the Station bar in Lytham for our last gig and made it such an amazing night.

What an incredible sight at the end of the night with the whole pub cheering us and applauding.

I think there were bets being placed as we were packing up on when we would get back together!

We enjoyed playing to such an enthusiastic crowd and it’s always rewarding when complete strangers come up and tell us how much they’ve enjoyed their evening.

We even had our former sound man Barry come all the way from Leamington Spa in the Midlands to see our last gig.

Fantastic! Thank you all.



I COULD see the point of dismantling the criminal justice system 60 years ago when we lived a lot freer life from crime, but not today.

Reading the Gazette (January 10), part of the Probation Service could be given over to the private and voluntary sector.

Surely the probation staff are trained to deal with offenders or is it a cost cutting exercise?

On TV we learn that some old prisons will be closed.

Have they built the new ones yet?

Today we have far fewer police to effectively protect the public.

Could we hear more from the voices of the people who work in the Criminal Justice System about how they feel about the changes?

Any changes must ensure higher levels of safety in our communities from crime,

Crime is an inevitable part of our lives and can never be eradicated but it can be reduced with the right crime policies in place.


Portland Road,


I MUST admit I did shed a tear for Jon Rhodes after reading his column (Gazette January 12) as I lost yet another of my dogs last year.

I’m a dog lover and now have a rescue Labrador but I have to agree with Jon that something must be done about the dog mess. It seems people think that under cover of darkness they do not have to clean up.

I have never seen so much mess in St Annes as there is at the moment, especially off the Church Road area.

Maybe the dog wardens and PCSOs should actually be out at night as well as through the day, so people will clean up.

Come on dog owners, stop giving us all a bad name.