Letters - January 14, 2014

Buses in the Archway Travel fleet
Buses in the Archway Travel fleet
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Praise for Bus company

Archway step in

I am really pleased with Archway Travel stepping in and saving the 80 bus route.

It is my lifeline getting to work and back.

Thank you to everyone involved for working hard to get it back.

Everyone, please get on the bus and use it now or lose it.

Sharon Grisenthwaite


Putting record straight

Housing denial

I wish to respond to Peter Gibson (Letters, January 10) as it seems I’ve been much quoted over the past few days .

Quite simply Graham Jackson is correct but Peter Gibson just seems to want to conveniently ignore our infrastructure problems.

Wyre needs homes and Wyre needs jobs but the right homes and the right jobs.

If we don’t get this right we could be paying the price for years to come.

Wyre will shortly be publishing its new strategy for building homes which I wouldn’t want to second guess although I’m fairly confident it will talk about shortages of affordable housing across the borough exacerbated by the “Bedroom Tax”.

People need suitable homes in the right place and our construction industry could certainly do with an uplift.

But, crucially that doesn’t mean we should be sanctioning every proposal that comes before the council. The A585 is full and, as a consequence, is stifling economic development here in Wyre.

Agreeing to a significant housing development adjacent to one of our most contested junctions can’t be a good idea!

Coun Gibson talks about jobs on the redesignated Norcross site, claiming that the development will provide 430 full and part time jobs.

Coun Gibson, how many of these will be low skilled or minimum wage? How many of these new jobs will offer career progression? I suspect very few, compared with the opportunities the Norcross site used to offer local people.

He has claimed previously that I have a problem with low paid low skilled jobs. Well I do! I know what it’s like to be poorly paid and struggling for every penny.

It is the council’s responsibility to strive for the best opportunities for the residents in Wyre.

We should want the best not the easiest.

One of the few tools still available to local councils is the planning system.

Just last year Blackpool Council redesignated the Warbreck site as an employment zone and consequently protected hundreds of jobs on the site.

Wyre could have adopted a similar strategy with the Norcross site but sadly that opportunity is now gone. Instead we will have more commuters travelling down the A585 for work, more poorly paid jobs and a development of houses in the wrong place.

Finally, I see Coun Gibson mentions Bourne Way once again repeating the erroneous claim that I want housing on the site. I do not. I never have. In fact I will do everything in my power to stop development of this site. So let’s end this now. Coun Gibson I challenge you now to prove your claims and back up your accusations or publicly apologise.

Coun Penny Martin

Leader Wyre Labour Group

Seafront eyesore

Poor image

We hear so much talk about the need for regeneration in Blackpool and just how essential it is to the future of the tourism industry.

In that case, how many councillors and officers have driven past the seafront eyesore hotel on the resort’s New South Promenade and then gone on to do absolutely nothing about it?

Boarded up windows are bad enough but now Blackpool’s image has a further blot on the landscape thanks to the few large red letters that are left for everyone to see. Poo indeed!

Come on those who can do something about it before the 2014 visitors arrive.

What would it cost to send a council maintenance van along with a ladder and 
remove the rest of the letters?

Edward Whyte


Action needed about Police

What about us?

The discovery that a serving police officer deliberately lied in order to blacken the name of the government Chief Whip is shocking and disturbing.

If the police can do this to a government minister, how can ordinary citizens expect to receive fair and honest treatment?

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident as witness, for example, the deliberate tampering by the police of the evidence in the Hillsborough enquiry.

Police misconduct is not confined to lower ranks.

Senior, some very senior, ranks have been found guilty of various crimes in recent years.

We learn the policeman who lied in the Mitchell case was not even on duty that day! Yet none of his seniors reported this during his allegations of what he claimed he witnessed. Are we supposed to believe no-one checked his duty log?

If a society loses faith and trust in the forces of law and order it is on a slippery slope towards disaster. This is an appalling case that demands urgent action not just an apology.

Barry Clayton