Letters - January 13

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I WAS shocked at what happened at Smiley’s on Watson Road (Gazette, January 11).

I used to be a proprietor of a shop off Watson Road many years ago and got threatened with an axe and we hear of many raids of this nature.

However, going to the shop in the evenings, many don’t like it because of the fear of something happening, but one thing I fear is frightening these people when I want to pass them if they are walking in the same direction because of my size.

If I am behind someone on their own I prefer to cross the road and pass so they aren’t looking over their shoulders all the time at me as I get nearer.

It isn’t nice whichever way you look at it, witnessing people fearful of what might happen.

I was at An Inspector Calls at The Grand and we were talking about audiences. It was pointed out that elderly and vulnerable people prefer matinees as they are afraid to go out for evening shows.

So it is not just confined to shopping, but other things too.


Mill Lane


AFTER the government introduced new legislation last year banning under-18s in England and Wales from using sunbeds, it was worrying to read the investigative piece ‘Sunbed Firms Flouting Law’ (Gazette, December 23).

The article revealed a number of sunbed salons in Blackpool were allowing underage teenagers to use their sunbeds.

Research shows using a sunbed for the first time before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, by 75 per cent.

At Cancer Research UK, we’ve recently launched a nationwide campaign raising awareness of the dangers of sunbeds called R UV UGLY? It offers free skin assessments at all UK skin clinics to highlight the skin damage and health dangers of sunbed use.

To book a skin assessment, call 0800 822 3037 quoting R UV UGLY? or text R UV UGLY? to 63757 (standard rates apply), or visit www.sunsmart.org.uk.


SunSmart campaign Manager

Cancer Research UK

WE would like to thank all your readers and visitors who donated money to our busking at the Norbreck Castle hotel last weekend, when we raised £270 for Donna’s Dream House.

We are based in West Yorkshire and do a sponsored cycle ride at August Bank Holiday each year for Donna’s Dream House.


Graveleythorpe Road