Letters - January 12, 2015

HEALTH SERVICE: Is the NHS facing privatisation by stealth?
HEALTH SERVICE: Is the NHS facing privatisation by stealth?
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Health crisis

MP supported NHS privatisation

The expensive campaign to promote Conservative MP Paul Maynard as a man who cares for his constituents was rightly exposed by Rob Fail.

The truth is the MP has supported this Tory-led government wholeheartedly regardless of the divisive actions they have taken.

The Conservative party’s manifesto in 2010 did not mention their plan to allow ‘for profit companies’ to run services under the umbrella of the NHS Logo.

Nor did they reveal their planned new Health and Social Care Act which removed the duty of the NHS sector to provide comprehensive health care; they now merely need to promote it.

This has resulted in a huge change and opened up services to profit seeking.

Already a third of new contracts have been awarded to these companies with many more planned.

They are on course to net £9 billion of NHS cash this year.

Worryingly a contract is now up for grabs worth £5 billion.

An overseas arms manufacturer. An Indian call centre company and the G4S security firm, are just three of many who seek this lucrative contract.

Yet Mr Maynard MP supported all these Government imposed changes.

However, an MP is expected to do what is best for constituents. not just follow their party line.

There is a myth in some quarters that private care is better.

The facts show it’s the opposite.

In a four year period there were 800 unexpected deaths and 1,000 people injured in private care. In 2012/13 6,000 patients were transferred to NHS hospitals with very serious complications that the private hospitals couldn’t deal with.

Meanwhile, due to the expensive changes imposed on our NHS, hospitals are under unprecedented pressure. Waiting times for operations are getting longer. In the first two weeks of December more than 3000 operations were axed.

The truth is the NHS is under great stress.

Jack Croysdill

Chairman Blackpool North and Cleveleys 
Labour Party

Home comforts

Thanks to those who donated

May I, through your column, thank all those who have donated items of furniture and toys to our Charity, especially leading up to the Christmas period, enabling us to continue to help many families who, by no fault of their own, would have been without the most basic home comforts, toys and in some cases food.

Now that the annual appeals are concluded, I would like to reassure any support workers that we are open all the year round to provide toys through our Toybank, as well as furniture etc, through our Crisis Line.

May we also, through your coloumn thank the passer by who alerted the Police on New Years Day when he noticed our resource Centre on Whitegate Drive had been broken in to.

We are very grateful to him and to the Police.

We are happy to be able to help and thank you again.

Julia Seaton

General manager



Housing fears

Sign-up to demand more homes

As a local resident of Wyre, I know I can’t be alone in worrying about our housing situation and where the next generation are going to live?

Surely, with an election around the corner, there needs to be more of a serious local debate about the homes we desperately need in our community.

The increasing need for affordable homes and big shortfall in supply means house prices are becoming out of reach of our pay packets.

Home ownership is at its lowest level since 1987 and renting from the private sector is eating up more and more of our hard earned salaries.

We all need to be prepared to join in the local debate with our Wyre councillors to tackle this problem, and think about how we can get the right homes in the right places at prices that are affordable for everybody in the borough.

We need more local voices saying Yes to Homes so our community leaders take notice, and more importantly action, to deliver those homes.

Please sign the petition for more of the right homes, in the right place, at the right price at www.yestohomes.co.uk

Christopher Walker

Churchill Close