Letters - January 11, 2013

Northern Rail Class 142 Pacer diesel
Northern Rail Class 142 Pacer diesel
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AS the country has returned to normal this week,i.e. prices up for rail fares, prices up for heating and light, wages down, if you have a job benefits slashed etc, Jacqui Morley’s article on Rail Fares is very welcome (Gazette January 4).

The Government transport committee’s latest report allegedly sets out a vision for railways in 2020 and admits public money poured into the service has almost doubled from the late 1980s under British Rail from £2.7bn in today’s prices to £4.2bn today.

From 2006 to 2007 a staggering £7.5bn was thrown at the service.

Private rail companies have been creaming off public subsidies, even as they increased commuter fares by an average six per cent.

With some 70 per cent of the public now backing public ownership, the public are way ahead of parliamentarians of all parties, knowing privatisation of the railways was a scheme to hand public money to their friends in the city.

The great rail robbery will continue until the political clan wake up to the fact we are being bled dry while the train companies laugh all the way to the bank.


Beryl Avenue,


AS a working parent of two children I have never come across such an ill-thought out pilot scheme as Blackpool Council’s free breakfasts.

Firstly my children both receive breakfast at breakfast club prior to attending school and nursery at an extra cost to ourselves. This is due to my husband working away in the Armed Forces and my shift work in the NHS starting at 7.30am. Our four-year-old daughter is lucky enough to attend a school which already provides fruit for all children at break-times and free school dinners to those on low income.

I fail to understand how 31p for a 500g box of cornflakes and £1 for four pints of milk is unaffordable to any budget.

If for whatever reason parents or carers are unable to provide some form of nutrition in the mornings, surely it would be better for them to attend a breakfast club and/or provide transport to make sure they get there, at a cost to the tax payer, rather than feeding every single child in school at a massive £700,000.

As for the “no discrimination” between families who can or can’t, why is it I am being forced not to feed my child as part of our family routine or stop my child receiving a sugar loaded fruit drink and breakfast bar, which are not recommended for children?

All this at a 20 minute per day detriment to her education. The council has a duty of care to all children not just low income or under privileged families. How much more responsibility are we going to take away from parents?


ONE week we read that Bispham High School is to be replaced.

Now we learn they are seeking permission for external alterations and cladding to the existing building (Gazette January 5).

Have they got money to burn?


Devonshire Road,