Letters - January 11, 2012

Coun Richard Fulford Brown with the booklet " Discover the South Fylde Line "'undated - may/june 2010 ?
Coun Richard Fulford Brown with the booklet " Discover the South Fylde Line "'undated - may/june 2010 ?
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CORRESPONDENTS Fyldemt and Sheepdog (web comments, January 6) have some valid points regarding improvements to the South Fylde railway line.

It is true some of the rolling stock has seen better days, although improved carriages have recently been added.

The problem is when new trains are made available, southern and central England get their hands on them, and the north gets the redundant leftovers.

Carriages, in the main, are thoroughly cleaned before the day’s work, however rubbish is left by passengers, and operators can afford cleaning staff travelling on the trains.

It is suggested the line from Blackpool along the coast should be upgraded, and a way should be found to bring it back to the centre of Blackpool, ideally where the old Central Station was sited. The closure of Central Station was a disaster for the line.

Sheepdog suggests the coast line should be upgraded.

South Fylde Line Community Rail Partnership and Northern Rail is studying this matter very closely.

It is doubtful whether the line from Blackpool South to Kirkham could ever be double-tracked again, but we are trying to find a way of at least bringing back a half-hourly rail service instead of the present hourly service.



South Fylde Line Community Rail Partnership

IT was said on Radio 4 that sitting quietly, in silence, has been proved to benefit health.

Just a few moments daily, of silence, helps us to gather our thoughts together, sort out important issues from the unimportant, calms our fears, separates right from wrong, and sets us on the right track to deal with all eventualities, as the day unfolds.

People with a faith believe that the “still, small voice within” is actually God talking to us, guiding and helping us to live the sort of life He wants us to live.

The fact that it was aired on radio recently means that perhaps, after all, society is walking in the right direction.


Whitemoss Avenue


I HAVE some concerns regarding the Queensway development (Gazette January 9).

The ground in question is unsuitable, due to flooding issues, and also underground water from surrounding areas flowing out towards the sea.

Consider the fact that this whole area of the Fylde is having unemployment issues, which will be compounded with the reduction of personnel being laid off in the near future from BAE Systems, which will have an adverse effect on the housing market.

When Kensington built Cypress Point, there were issues with the land then. Also it did not construct the road it said it would when it built Cypress Point.

Are there provisions for educational buildings by Kensington for this site, if it gets the go-ahead?

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