Letters - January 11

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SHARON Shoesmith should have been invited to speak to the North of England Education Conference in Blackpool on one condition, namely, that she at last agreed to show some contrition for the appalling death of Baby P, and admit her sacking was justified in the light of her gross incompetence.

Since 2008, she has deliberately sought to deflect criticism of her failings by focusing the public's attention on the lack of resources.

It will not wash. Some of us have read the damning report that led to her dismissal. It was a thorough, fair and independent report. Baby P's death was not caused by the lack of resources. It was caused by mismanagement from the very top.

Resources are always short in any walk of life. However, nothing, including more resources, will improve with regards to children's services until the entry standards and training of those responsible for their welfare drastically improves.

Sharon Shoesmith should stop playing the victim.

Dr Barry Clayton,

Fieldfare Close,


Square much safer for users

CEDAR Square is much safer, presentable and usable now it is closed to vehicles, and this should remain the case.

The square does however, lack seating, and the bus shelter should be removed to give the impression that it is not a short-term pedestrianised area.

Taxis are now using the Strand as a regular shortcut in contravention of traffic law, and nothing is being done to prevent this hazard to pedestrians.

The inevitable short-term pain of road closures will be worthwhile when the work is complete.

Name and address supplied

Take concerns of locals into account

I WAS saddened to read the management of Advanced Childcare has taken no notice of the concerns and issues of hundreds of local residents or the council's own development control committee (Gazette January 6).

They seem intent on riding roughshod over the wishes of everyone with regard to the location of their intended facility on Preston New Road.

We have had a similar issue with an Addaction facility on Whitegate Drive in my own ward, but in that case the management team from Addaction has responded in a professional manner. They came from London to meet with the community; they made promises to the community, and have now found an alternative site to relocate the facility, thereby fulfilling their promise.

I would strongly recommend Advanced Childcare take a leaf from their book and engage with the local community, not antagonise and alienate them as they are doing.


Talbot Ward,


Prom danger for small dogs

HAVING just holidayed in Blackpool with our two small dogs, we felt we had to warn readers about the dangers to small dogs when walking them along the Promenade by Bispham station.

Our Yorkshire Terrier fell through one of the drain holes situated along the length of the Prom, injuring his front and back legs.

I have contacted Blackpool Council with a request it puts grilles over the gaps to prevent injury to anyone else's pets.



West Yorkshire

We lost our only bowling alley and an indoor go-kart track for this.

What decent seaside town has no bowling alley and so has somewhere to go when its raining.


this and previous councils do give cause for concern. They seem to lack even the most basic understanding of planning and building.

400 homes on this site? All I see is chaos ahead here!


400 homes is not what's needed in that area.

It's in the heart of Blackpool. Let's encourage a leisure company to invest in the area.


This is right next to a Premier League football ground, couldn't this land attract something more useful for the local people?

Quality shopping, leisure or something like that?


Central Blackpool is the pits, they should spend the money on improving the surrounding area.