Letters - January 10, 2014

Project 30 roadworks on Daggers Hall Lane
Project 30 roadworks on Daggers Hall Lane
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Project 30 a Tory ideA

Was “stinging 
attack” justifed?

I feel I must correct some factual inaccuracies in P S Elliot’s stinging attack on my group leader and party.

Project 30 has been a success but I must remind the correspondent it is a project started by the previous Conservative administration not Labour.

On the subject of the Syndicate, potential investors were not given a chance to come forward, the council refused to listen to any attempts to save the building despite more than 3,000 campaigners fighting to save the building from a wasted future as an eyesore car park.

Councillors who questioned this ludicrous decision at full council, including myself, were never given an answer and ignored.

As for the economy it was Darling and Brown who left this country with the worst budget deficit in history which the Conservatives are now taking decisive to tackle and bring under control. Our economy is now growing and the 
deficit is falling.

Finally I take great exception to the assertion that the Conservatives “hate” the “working man”. The Conservatives are the party for hard working people.

I’m a working man, working long hours in my job as well as my council duties so I find the correspondent’s comments very insulting.

Coun Christian Cox

Squires Gate Ward

Use evidence not prejudice

Smoking in cars

Noting Dr Rajpura’s support for the banning of smoking in cars with children, and his concern local MPs should be contacted by constituents, I thought it helpful to set out my views. Any such consideration should, as a first step, be evidence rather than prejudice driven.

The Highway Code 2007 advises against smoking and driving because it can cause a distraction. In addition, the Health Act 2006 stipulates that a vehicle must be smokefree if it is used “in the course of paid or voluntary work by more than one person” (even if those persons use the vehicle at different times, or intermittently).

It is also worth observing that parts of Canada, the US and Australia already have laws banning smoking in cars carrying children. I also know that the previous public health minister Anna Soubry was supportive of such a measure.

The much higher concentrations of tobacco smoke within a car compared to, for example, a bar or pub strike me as compelling evidence.

At the same time, I would hope smokers evaluate the obvious risk children before deciding to light up in the first place.

Some would argue this has the potential to become the ‘thin end of the wedge’ for banning other non-smoking related activities by passengers (as opposed to drivers) in cars.

I would like to see a two-stage approach.

Firstly, a public health campaign to alert car occupants to the risk that smoking in cars with children can pose.

If there is no noticeable decline, then we should certainly look at legislation, but I would want to see a wider survey of how the laws work in Australia and Canada to ensure that any legislation would actually have the desired effect, since I do not believe that laws should be passed merely to make a statement, but actually to achieve something.

Paul Maynard

Blackpool North and 
Cleveleys MP

Strike’s 30th anniversary

Were you a miner?

I come from a coal mining family and I am currently working on an audio and photography project, Other Side of the Line.

I have embarked on documenting those coal miners who returned to work before the bitter year long strike of 1984/85 ended.

This is in preparation for the 30th anniversary in 2015.

Any former coal miners, now living on the Fylde coast, who crossed the picket lines of their collieries, are encouraged to come forward and share their accounts with 

Over the years there has been a lot documented on the strike but no-one has yet looked towards those that returned or given them a 

I believe these accounts of the strike are important and need to be preserved for future generations to hear and remember our rich industrial heritage.

Contact me via www.othersideoftheline.co.uk/get-involved ; by phone on 07580506287, or the address below.

Vanessa Short

Kemp House

152-160 City Road



Were these proper fans?

Smoke bombs let off

We visited Chorley and could hear chanting and shouting near the car park.
To my horror it was coming from a crowd of Blackpool football supporters, “thugs” intent on causing hassle. They were setting off smoke bombs in a pub doorway.
I was born in Blackpool and always defend our town but I was appalled and embarrassed to associate myself with these hooligans. Not only that, the number of police needed to keep their foul behaviour under control was eye-opening. Name and 
address supplied