Letters - January 10, 2013

HIGHEST STANDARD: Victoria Hospital
HIGHEST STANDARD: Victoria Hospital
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I AM writing, on behalf of my family, to draw attention to the wonderful treatment given to our mother, Kathleen Barry.

She was admitted to the Acute Medical Unit of Blackpool Victoria Hospital in the early hours of December 11.

Due to the nature of her illness and her age (91), it became clear there was no possibility of recovery. Consequently mum was placed on the “Liverpool Pathway”, in which routine procedures such as taking blood pressure, pulse and temperature readings at regular intervals are dispensed with.

Staff have to set and adhere to goals and targets such as making the patient comfortable.

Throughout the nearly four days mum spent in the AMU until she passed away she received care of the highest possible standard.

Every member of staff, from tea ladies and ancillaries to nurses and doctors, demonstrated a level of professionalism, sensitivity and good old- fashioned humanity which not only Victoria Hospital but the whole of Blackpool, Fylde and the surrounding area can be very proud of.

What we experienced at first hand was nothing less than the very best of the NHS.


Alwood Avenue,


WE have reached that time of year again when resolutions are made and just as quickly broken!

If statistics are to be believed, it seems we decide to overhaul our wardrobes and wonder why we bought most of it in the first place, replace that dull suite with a more contemporary little number or, as National figures for January demonstrate, divorce our partners and start again and suddenly we 
are replacing everything and moving home. Please remember the Ashley Foundation and our support and accommodation for the growing number of homeless in Blackpool.

We are in need of good quality items, even electrical goods, that we can sell through our Homeless Action Shop on Cookson Street and we are able to collect. Please give us a call on 01253 299949.


Community Development 

IN response to Chris Davis, Lib Dem MEP for Fylde (Letters, January 7), I am of the generation who voted on membership of the EU.

At the time, the argument put forward by the Government made sense, i.e. a common market free trade area.

This is what our generation voted for, nothing more.

No mention of the word federalism appeared at the time but the word is now at the forefront of the EU.

I cannot agree with Mr. Davis’s views. I think this country could flourish 
outside the EU.


Taybank Avenue,