Letters - January 10

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SO some bright spark at Wyre Council has decided "the one thing missing" at the lovely Wyre Country Park at Stanah is a children's play area. Wrong!

Stanah river park is a place of quiet and peaceful activities, walking, boats, watching wildlife, having a cup of tea at the caf.

Now we will have screaming children and foul mouthed yobs.

Has the council learned nothing from the twice burned filthy grafitti "children's shelter" on King Edward fields or the cost of constantly replacing trees, shrubs and plants at Hawthorne Road Park?

We adults, many of us using and loving Stanah, also pay towards its upkeep. Was anyone consulted on this? Of course not and I thought money was scarce. Let's see how long this "project" remains free from vandals.


Aintree Road,


The big Blackpool brothel debate

HAVING read one of the comments (Letters January 5), regarding the big Blackpool brothel debate, I couldn't help but smile at the words of one of your readers who said "Every good city has a red light district".

Seeing as Blackpool is going to apply for city status, then bring it on, let's have one – a few streets full of brothels will put us ahead of all competition, not!




Fylde is now a 'no go' area

THE Fylde is an area of great historic tourist potential, but for anyone living away it has become a 'no go' area.

The police and council have seen fit to place speed cameras almost every 500 yards on all roads leading to the area. I for one, and everyone I meet, have had enough and would only risk visiting the area from necessity.

The police in South Lakeland have considered the local people and businesses. They implemented a telephone survey and everyone voted for traffic calming methods. The public have been respected and therefore very successful speed calming methods are being introduced. Only two existing cameras have been retained.

No-one feels threatened as they visit the Lakes. We in businesses welcome this.

Without camera's, and if traffic were controlled by calming warnings, small businesses in your area would bound ahead and I am surprised they are not in open revolt.

Traffic calming leads to safer driving and if it replaced the cameras would make Blackpool and St Annes the friendly area to visit that we all remember.




Looked after by a gentleman taxi driver

AT Christmas, three ladies, two of my friends and myself, went out for a meal at 8pm, and everywhere was covered in ice, it was like a skating rink, so we got a cab and what a very nice driver he was. He sure looked after us. When we got to the restaurant he took us to the door and made sure we did not fall on the ice.

He was a gentleman. And we got the same driver again when we came home and it was like going out. That driver made sure each one of us got to our door safely. He worked for Premier Cabs. So a big thank you to that fine gentleman driver.



Having not long returned from Afghanistan, where the roads are in a slightly worse state than they are in Blackpool, I welcome this news.

I have to say though, if this, and previous councils had done their job correctly, we would never have got to this dire situation.

They can't keep blaming the weather and Labour for everything!

Doctor and the Medics

What are the council doing lending 5 million to the BPB when they are so clearly cash strapped themselves?

Does anyone know if this is an interest free loan? If not what will the total payback on the debt be?


If they got themselves sorted out properly on the highways and stopped digging here and digging there, stopped moving pavements and putting fencing up at corners and lights, and then removing it, stopped replacing the traffic lights in the town four times, and co-ordinate with the services, then we would have a better road system.

But what amazes me is the amount of out of town firms are doing, what about local people?

A saying from years ago, keep local jobs for local people.

An old and wise one

Hopefully they will get rid of the grassy boulevards between the pavement and the road on busy roads.

Also, they need to reduce the unnecessary width of many sidewalks and widen the adjacent road.

Brian Ellis

It would be nice to drive on decent roads again, the pot-holes are a nightmare, and now so many of them can't be avoided, because they have either got bigger or there isn't room to go round them.

Newbie in Blackpool