Letters - February 9, 2015

David Ragozzino outside Manchester Civil Justice Centre
David Ragozzino outside Manchester Civil Justice Centre
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Blackpool FC row


The fact this whole unsavoury affair has ended in a court case between the owners of Blackpool FC and their fans is a terrible shame and it has blighted the history and legacy of soccer in Blackpool.

While I do not condone any insults made on social media against members of the Oyston family, I do think Mr Oyston should have taken a more responsible position and risen above this without seeking to further anger an army of dedicated Blackpool fans.

The repercussions will only further seriously damage the current relationship problems.

Blackpool Football Club is bigger than any single owner, it belongs to the legion of fans whose ancestors have stood on the terraces on cold, windy, rainy Saturdays for decades.

It belongs to the memory of some of the greatest football players the world has ever seen and to the spirit of comradeship and friendship nurtured under the Tangerine flag.

Promotion or relegation is part of the game and Blackpool fans have been through both good and bad days. As for any owner, they have to realise they will not be there forever but while they are in charge they should nourish and protect the town’s soccer history and its foundations for generations to come.

I admire the fans for their continued support and their unwavering passion in believing in the club’s future.

I sincerely hope this issue is resolved quickly and that both the owners and fans start to work together to give support to the manager and the team and to a better future for the club.

Coun Tony Williams

Leader of the Conservative Group Blackpool Council

Use sea water for fracking


I strongly believe whoever is in power following the General Election will use their mandate to impose fracking should they consider it politically expedient and economically viable, irrespective of local planning decisions.

However, it’s unlikely that a government backed decision would be imposed until after May 2015 as it could cost a lot of votes.

My main concern would be the use of our fresh water during the fracturing process.

Sea water makes up 97.5 per cent of the world’s water, so why not insist that the fracking companies must be contracted to the desalinisation of sea water, leaving our reservoirs free for the general public.

Desalinisation plants now produce drinking water in several countries and this water should be adequate for the clean water that fracking engineers say is critical for their ‘commercially sensitive’ and secret formulas.

Associated fracking traffic logistics/pollution and noise would no doubt be set to a level that a government minister declares safe, but our dependency on clean water remains crucial to our, and future generations health.

Michael A Marlow


Thanks for caring


Thank you very much for publicising our appeal for funds (Your Say, January 17).

It captured the hearts of the generous warm -hearted Gazette readers who responded so well from small and large donations including £200 with no name through the letter box.

We are almost there with a shortfall of £350 but we will get there.

Most donations had no name but rest assured you are remembered not only for your generosity but for the wet cat food you brought too . God Bless and keep you safe.

Fr Anthony

Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary Grosvenor Street


Man came to dog’s rescue

My ‘prince’

On Saturday, January 31, I was walking my cocker spaniel on a lead opposite Firwood Builders Merchants on Collingwood Avenue.

He suddenly dropped, yelping and in terrible pain.

I have a bad leg and couldn’t get down to check his paws, and neither could I lift him up.

There was no-one in the park and my family had gone to the match.

I was hoping for a passing van, but no traffic went by.

The dog was still screaming when a man ran up and lifted him up to check his paws, but the pain was in the back leg.

The man carried him back to my house and laid him on his bed, growling and howling, while I rang the emergency vet.

She gave him injections and diagnosed a pulled muscle.

He is now back to his normal self. Words are inadequate, but sir, you are a prince.

Ellen Gratix and Basie

Layton Road


Praise for doctors

Kidney op

I have just been discharged from the Urology Department at Victoria Hospital after having a kidney removed.

I cannot praise everyone enough from the pre-op assessment unit and admission staff to every single person on Ward 16 who aided my recovery with their care and attention.

Special thanks to my skilful surgeon Mr Campbell and his anaesthetist.


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