Letters - February 8, 2012

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WHY do some people commit such acts of wanton vandalism without giving any thought to the inconvenience, distress and harm it does to other people, let alone the costs afterwards to rectify the damage?

It took a lot of time,

correspondence and hard work by myself and others, in particular the local clerk to the council, Lynn Squires, in order to get this brand new bus shelter erected at the bottom of Sower Carr Lane so people, especially the senior citizens living on Hambleton Country Park and surrounding areas, could have somewhere decent to shelter out of the wind and rain as well as being able to sit down and rest while they wait for the bus after a half mile trek down the country lane.

It seems certain people show no appreciation whatsoever when something good is done for them, even when that something is a vast improvement on what they had before.

Shortly after the bus shelter was erected the plastic cover over the notice board was set fire to, leaving a piece of curled plastic sticking out sharply about three inches long which would have injured anyone leaning against it.

Then for months afterwards the paint work was scraped off and inappropriate pictures etched.

What sort of idiot would carry out such a vicious act of vandalism as completely smashing in all the five windows on the bus shelter?

Now, until the bus shelter can be repaired, elderly people have to wait in the freezing cold and driving rain with no protection from the elements whatsoever.

The person or persons who have done this are an absolute disgrace and should have no place in a decent society. Shame on you.


Sower Carr Lane


HAS anyone got any toys and dolls clothes knitting and crochet patterns they don’t use anymore?

My daughter is learning to knit and crochet and we are finding any of these patterns very difficult to come across.


1 Hillcrest

Pickhill, North Yorkshire


I WOULD like to thank everyone who has supported my son Anthony and I, in our recent fundraising events on behalf of children with leukaemia.

Our next fundraiser is on Thursday, February 9, 8pm at the Red Lion, Bispham.

There will be a quiz, games, raffle and (subject to the donation of suitable items) an auction.

Tickets are £3 including supper.

If any local businesses could donate items for auction, I would be extremely grateful. For further details or to reserve tickets please contact me on (01253) 869519.


Cleveleys Avenue