Letters - February 7, 2014

People watch the waves at Cleveleys, Lancashire as stormy weather continues across parts of the country.
People watch the waves at Cleveleys, Lancashire as stormy weather continues across parts of the country.
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Sea defences


Once again, I believe due to the wind being from the south west we on the Lancashire coast had a reprieve from being flooded.

But, I do believe as I stood on Cleveleys Promenade that the sea wall would have been breached (especially opposite Jubilee Gardens) had the wind been directly from the west.

I do have to mention and was grateful to see the council men and women were monitoring the situation on Saturday and Sunday, and had made some barriers in the park using sandbags.

Having said that, I still believe something more permanent needs to be done to alleviate future worry for all of us who live by the sea, as I think we were just very lucky this time.

Maureen Clark

Palatine Road


More civic memories

Town Hall

I completely agree with Barry Law (Letters February 5).

I cleaned the Town Hall for over 20years and remember Jack and Rita Kay with fondness.

I dusted Victoria every night and kept all the brass work pristine.

I had a great fondness for the council chambers too but things changed.

There are no longer the beautiful flower displays in reception and on the landing.

I had many compliments on the standard of my cleaning from dignitaries who came to the Town Hall.

I can remember when the Town Hall did all the catering for the switch on of the Illuminations when Switch-On was in Talbot Square, all done by Jack, Rita and porters .

The Town Hall was then truly the heart of Blackpool, now it is more like an office block with Jack’s flat now offices .

I think to close the front doors of this building to save money is disgraceful for Blackpool and seems to say the council do not care and to visitors, we’re shut.

Jeanette Yardley

(by email)

It was with great interest that I read the letter from Barry Law about the closure of the town hall building to visitors.

I too felt sad about the loss of accessibility to such a lovely building.

Barry mentions the town hall keeper as Mr Jack Hay, his name is actually Mr Jack Kay and he is my uncle.

As family we often visited Jack and his wife Rita in the ‘town hall flat’ when we were in town and we loved walking into the entrance hall and going up the lovely staircase to see them, and the views from the flat windows were great!

After their retirement in 1996 the flat was converted into offices and they remain so today.

Jack still lives in Blackpool, but sadly Rita died suddenly last July and his health has suffered since then and he has recently moved into a care home.

As we were sorting though his house my sister and I came across many photos and memorabilia from Jack and Rita’s years at the Town Hall and these have now been put together into a ‘book’ for Jack to look through and to share with his friends and family.

I know he will be sad when I tell him that the town hall doors are being closed to the public soon.

If any would like to contact him they can email me their contact details and I will pass them on.

Mrs Pat Ward


I too worked at the Town Hall in the ‘good old days’ 1969 to 1980 in the typing pool and they were some of the happiest of my working days.

Barry Law’s letter brought back memories to me.

Miss Clare our supervisor was a lady who got the respect she deserved.

Yes, she was strict, woe betide you if you put a comma in the wrong place in a letter!

But she was a fair, kind boss and used to sit down with the rest of us and bash away at that old manual typewriter, about 90 wpm.

There were quite a few characters working in that pool, some sadly no longer with us.

I too remember Jack and Rita Kay living in the flat at the top of the Town Hall. I worked in the Electoral Registration Department at election times for Ronnie Parr, another character. He was an ex POW and had many stories to tell.

On election days after finishing counting votes Jack Kay provided a late night hotpot supper for the staff, although we had had a long day, we were often there until 3 am chatting (and drinking).

Then back at our desks 9am sharp the following day.

As for the Christmas parties we had in the office, let’s just say what happened at those parties stays at those parties!

I feel sorry for today’s youngsters, political correctness and health and safety rules, have, to a certain extent taken the fun away, we certainly worked hard but we played hard too.

If any of my old colleagues are reading this I would be happy to hear from them. Email me at annfortt@aol.com

Mrs Ann Fortt (nee Devoy)

Rathlyn Avenue



Thinking big

Stars attract

Mamma Mia, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones coming to Lytham – that’s exactly what the Fylde Coast needs – proper entertainment. It’s time that Blackpool started thinking big to bring back the families.
L Atkinson