Letters - February 6, 2013

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It was lovely to read just how well Emily Laws is doing with her School of Acting, originally set up 20 years ago with a £1,000 grant from the Prince’s Trust.

My son Paul Flinders (pictured), now 37, went to one of her summer schools in the early 90s as a teenager. She taught children all aspects of singing, dancing, acting and stage management.

Paul passed out and Emily got him an agent in Manchester for TV. He did quite a bit of work as an extra and had a couple of small parts, then auditioned as a Redcoat with Butlin’s and got it.

He is now an ents executive with Parkdean Holidays and books the acts for the “campers”. He also has his own illusion show. Emily always taught them to do their best and work hard, and that’s what Paul did. From little acorns oak trees grow. The only difference between “try” and “triumph” is a little “oomph”.


Annan Crescent


The media coverage of the news of investigation into mortality/care levels at Blackpool says far more about the life style and deprivation issues facing Blackpool, allied to the above average age of our residents, rather than any suggested lack of support by hospital and staff.

From direct experience over a long period, I have been treated for several major issues - spine, heart and disability/stress illnesses - in both out and in patient capacities.

In each and every case I have received not just excellent medical treatment, but additional deep care, consideration and reassurance from all staff, consultants, nursing and domestic staff.

I consider myself very lucky.

I hope the investigation will pick up on the more serious social issues of our area, and that the media will look more intensely at publicising the problems we face, and the immense support we actually get from our hospitals.



A couple of readers have already complained about the cost of petrol increasing twice since Christmas on superstore forecourts.

But how would we all react if the prices on the shelves inside the stores changed day by day like the petrol price at my local superstore this week?

On Monday it was 130.9 per litre, next day 131.9p and by Wednesday was 132.9. Will the next step be for bosses to bump up the price even while you are filling up the tank?


South Shore