Letters - February 5, 2015

Chaos - the roadworks at Amounderness Way have overstayed their welcome, says a reader
Chaos - the roadworks at Amounderness Way have overstayed their welcome, says a reader
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Amounderness way


Does anyone know who is in charge of the so-called ‘road improvements’ still causing unnecessary delays on Amounderness Way around West Drive to Bourne Way?

When this unneeded work started on September 15, the signage stated this would take 12 weeks.

We are now 50 per cent over this self-imposed timeline and still there is no end in sight.

Of course, this sign and any telephone contact numbers have all long since vanished and obviously time is not of the essence on this project like many others!

All we now have is one sign that says ‘delays possible’ and another saying ‘sorry for any delay’.

This pathetic display just doesn’t cut it.

So to the uncontactable people in charge, I say please get it finished post haste and stop hiding behind meaningless signage.

Brett Holland

Willowcroft Drive


No overall majority


Approximately one third of the electorate will not vote at the General Election.

Of those, who do use their vote, approximately one third will vote for Labour candidates, and one third will vote for Conservative candidates.

This leaves one third who will vote for one of the other parties. Jack Gledhill (Your Say, January 16) seems desperately to want one party to have an overall majority in the House of Commons as though this result is a guarantee of good government.

To achieve this, we would have a party with an overall majority which two thirds of the electorate voted against.

On this I agree with Kevan Benfold (Your Say, January 23)that they neither deserve nor will get an overall majority.

Due to the vagaries of our ‘first past the post’ electoral system, both Labour and Conservatives will be over-represented in Parliament, while Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Greens will be under represented in relation to the votes each party will have received.

In a democratic system an overall majority should only be achieved when a party receives more than 50 per cent of the votes cast, which has not happened in living memory.

I fail to understand Mr Gledhill’s fears of another Coalition Government. We have just experienced five years of stable Government (many said it would not last).

I realise neither party in the Coalition were able to achieve everything in their manifestos and a certain amount of so-called ‘horse trading’ of policies took place, the most notable being tuition fees, redrawing of electoral boundaries and reform of the House of Lords.

If you want to achieve everything in your manifesto then convince more than half the electorate to vote for you.

Sue Close

Liberal Democrat PPC for Blackpool North & Cleveleys

Thanks to windmill unit


I would like to express my sincere heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Dr Lau of the Macmillan Windmill unit, and all the staff for their help and support through my treatment.

I would also like to thank the Oncology unit, Sister Sue Paul and the staff for their wonderful continued help and support. Thank you all so very much.


Wyre Grove


Booze deliveries

No thanks!

Aiva Meldere, who wants to start a business delivering alcohol to our houses (Gazette, January 23) is, in my opinion, out of her mind.

Booze is the most ‘unhappy’ drug in the universe.

Well let me tell her, nine people living round the corner from me have died because 
of their booze habit, and lots 
of families have broken up, after being together for 50 years.

The sadness it brings to young people is heartbreaking.

There must be other ways she could make money.

I hope this idea does not spread to our Bispham community.

We are trying to get rid of alcohol abuse in our community.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road


Harassed by call centre

Fed up of it

I am being harassed by calls from a Blackpool call centre.

I got a call from them last Friday and told them I was fed up of getting these sales calls and that was the fifth that I had had that day.

Now, since then, I have had two calls each day which have hung up as soon as I spoke.

I rang the number back but it says that it does not accept incoming calls. I will be contacting Trading Standards about this company.

I have also alerted the police to it by putting something on their website.

I am 72-years-old and fed up of being harassed. This is a local number, can anything be done to stop them?

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue