Letters - February 4, 2015

New flower beds in Anchorsholme Park
New flower beds in Anchorsholme Park
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Where will it end?

Staff axed

I am a member of the Blackpool Forum for Bowling.

At our last meeting on January 21, we heard that due to central government cutbacks of millions of pounds year-by-year to almost all councils in Great Britain, the number of park staff is being reduced even lower.

Lots of flowering beds will go with just grass beds in their place, cut only when staff are available.

Our costs are going up, with councils only doing approximately 70 per cent of their intended work.

And there will be forthcoming cuts year by year. What is the end product?

Richard Pinder

Belmont Avenue


Objections to car park


As an objector to a number of inappropriate plans for Jubilee Gardens, and now as a Labour candidate for Jubilee Ward in Cleveleys, I felt I should explain why I asked several full council questions that subsequently prompted the ‘car park branded a white elephant’ article (Gazette, January 26).

Like many others who in 2012 objected to the ridiculous car park plans, I wanted to know if the ratepayers were getting value for money.

The figures provide a damning indictment of the whole car park project, and the final decision to squander £402,645 of taxpayers’ money on an unnecessary and unwanted car park.

The ‘business plan’ (such as it was) suggested this would be repaid by revenue obtained in 10.8 years.

Unfortunately, the council now says that based on actual revenue, it will take 58 years to recoup. On average in 2013/14 there were fewer than seven paying car owners a day on a 104-space car park.

What a shambolic state of affairs. In the council’s haste to push through the planning application in June 2012, they were left with an incomplete and flawed analysis of parking demand and on which the ‘business plan’ was based.

If one was generous we could say this was regrettable, but the council was told time and time again the plan was flawed.

Had the council listened to the views of all residents, and carried out a thorough analysis then they could have avoided this financial and environmental mismanagement.

But there is a different and better way. Undertake a full consultation, evaluate the options, place the relevant information in the public domain, listen to the views of residents, and then, and only then, make a judgment and decision based on consensus.

Unlike the current undemocratic and unprofessional methods, this provides respect for our environment, and importantly, respect for residents.

Rob Fail

Labour Candidate for 
Jubilee Ward


Musical showed talent


Wow, What can I say!

Students and teachers of AKS must have been on a knife edge when choosing this difficult musical, ‘Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street’, to present as their 2015 production.

But what they achieved last week at the Lowther Pavilion was thoroughly amazing.

With such young talent performing with both maturity and feeling of score and libretto, I feel sure Steven Sondheim would have been truly astounded at their interpretation of his musical.

Faye Horrocks, Kathy Preston, Daniel Chandler and David Hewitt brought out every aspect of what was intended by Steven Sondheim.

They must be so proud of these young artists, who gave all their energy and artistry to the piece.

Even the movement of the sets and scenery was carried out in a most professional and disciplined team effort.

This production was further enhanced by the musicianship of the MD and orchestra, and the lighting added the effectiveness to Sweeney Todd. Thank you for a most chilling experience.

Jacqui Veazey

St Leonards Road


Economies of transport


So Coun John Jones cannot see why electric trains cannot run on non-electrified lines (Gazette, January 29).

He probably doesn’t see that most transport discussions are usually driven by economics. This was the reason given a few years ago for the Blackpool Transport decision to rearrange routes, i.e. no Number 6 and no Number 2 running south of the town centre. No number 15 at all. Number 14 is re-routed from St Annes to Mereside, no evening service on the number 17 (a disgrace).

Coun Jones was quite happy for Yeadon Way roadworks to start before the end of the Illuminations season until forced into a u-turn by the holiday industry.


Cunliffe Road


Celebrity cooks

No hats!

No wonder there is so much obesity with all these TV cookery programmes. And why don’t celebrity chefs wear any head covering? Hair must be everywhere.

Kevin Gooder