Letters - February 4

Ex traffic officer Derek Shaw
Ex traffic officer Derek Shaw
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I FULLY agree with ex-traffic officer Derek Shaw (Gazette January 29).

I was knocked down, not on a cycle path, but on the pavement of a busy road. I was 85 and carrying two shopping bags.

Two youths came behind me riding bikes, I could not hear them.

On the narrow pavement, they suddenly roared past and the shock sent me flying into the hedge, fortunately not onto the traffic-laden road.

To add insult to injury, after sparing a moment to eye me and my scattered groceries, on they rode shouting insults at me.

Blackpool Council’s comment that “any change can be difficult for people to get used to” is both insulting and idiotic. A cycling path on the busy concourse of Bank Hey Street is ridiculous.

Well, I deplore getting used to such danger and I thoroughly applaud Mr Shaw’s sensible reaction.


READING about Lytham Hall (Gazette February 1), prompted me to recall that I was nursing and living in the hall for a few years during the war until I was posted elsewhere.

I have nothing but happy memories of the hall and of course knew it inside out, particularly the mile long drive we had to walk.

I’m now over 90 years old but perfectly fit, probably due to this long walk down the drive.


Ash Drive


IN response to the hair-brained scheme for Amounderness way/ Norcross roundabout (pictured).

Pandora pulled out of Fleetwood after putting up with years of traffic chaos trying to get in and out of its terminal.

I would like to know who was consulted for this hair-brain scheme, because not only will the work while it is being built cause absolute chaos, but when it is finished the traffic delays will be far worse than ever.

No doubt more modifications will be needed at great expense to improve the mess.

My suggestion is the scheme is withdrawn immediately and they stop wasting tax-payers money in the time of economic crisis and put the existing roads into some form of usable safe standard.


Adelaide Avenue