Letters - February 3, 2012

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I FEEL Mark Menzies MP has understandably adopted a sitting-on-the-fence attitude toward charity shops selling new goods (Gazette, January 20).

Seven years ago and aged 76, through sad family happenings but with a lucrative lifestyle in a self-employed retail business, I started voluntary work at various Trinity Hospice charity shops in the area where this did not happen and feel this is still the case apart from hospice Christmas cards.

However, progressively I see nationally organised charities selling new goods on an increasing scale, but with total wage bills through volunteers being less than one per cent and other perks such as low rates, they are eating away at the livelihood of rate-paying small shopkeepers with consequences we see everywhere in the high streets.

You mention the Portas report on these cases, but I feel these people move with the speed of an arthritic tortoise unless they are lodging their latest expense sheet.

Could it be (much as I hate the EU) there in the small print of an EU document something that says this policy is illegal.

Get your skates on please, less waffling and more action to help your hard-working, rate-paying constituents in this totally unfair situation.


North Promenade

St Annes

I WONDER just what United Utilities are going to do with their ever increasing water rates taken from Fylde customers? (Gazette, February 1)

In St Annes they have consistently failed to produce a supply at sufficient pressure to feed my shower and boiler adequately, and I know that this effects other residents. Perhaps we can find out how many, and they will listen to our complaint.


St Annes

It is not all bad in the world

WE see and hear of unpleasant things on an almost daily basis which can makes us lose faith in today’s society.

However, what happened to me today gives me hope that not all is so bad in the world or at least on public transport.

While on the train from Bamber Bridge to Blackpool North, my bank card was declined. (I normally have ample cash but of course this day I did not).

I was close to panic and of course embarrassed, until this kind young man sitting across from me gave me a handful of pounds coins and said ‘hope this is enough, let me know if you need more.’

I was so shocked and touched that I started to cry. His name is Sam Taylor and is in Blackpool until Friday, when he returns to Ilford, Essex.

Can you please say a big public thank you to him from me and let him know how much I appreciated his kindness. What a nice young man. And yes, repayment is on its way to his home address.


Northumberland Avenue