Letters - February 28, 2018

The former Arnold School site in South Shore is being demolished or refurbished, ready for its re-opening as the Armfield Academy....Site of the old north building
The former Arnold School site in South Shore is being demolished or refurbished, ready for its re-opening as the Armfield Academy....Site of the old north building
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How Jaguar got its start in Blackpool

Seeing the demise of the Arnold School building brings to mind one of the UK’s most successful businessmen who received his education there.

It was about 100 years ago that young William Lyons (later Sir William ) left Arnold School to start his business. Along with Bill Walmsley, they started constructing motorcycle sidecars in the town, initially in Bloomfield Road and later in Cocker Street.

The Swallow Sidecar company prospered, and cars soon followed with the Swallow car based on the Austin Seven chassis.

Needing to be nearer their suppliers in the industrial Midlands they moved to Browns Lane in Coventry in 1928. The SS sports and saloon cars sold well.

After the cessation of hostilities, when car production started again, the company name changed from SS Cars to Jaguar Cars, for obvious reasons.

Jaguar is now one of the UK’s most successful car manufacturers and exporters, all down to young William Lyons from Arnold School.

Sadly, the commemorative plaque seems to have disappeared from their very first factory.

John McGlynn

Fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry


So glad that Peter chips in to help us

I would like to thank Peter Wrigley of Harrold Rigby’s fish restaurant on Waterloo Rd for once again hosting a Fish and Chip supper, which is a great fund-raiser for RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs.

All the money raised, £256 in total, is for the local branch and is used solely for caring for local animals in need.

This occasion, because of Peter’s skills as caterer, quiz master and all round genial host, has now become a biennial event.

The staff also are wonderfully supportive, not only at these functions, but throughout the year, and it is only due to the generosity of people like this that that we are able to support our wonderful state of the are animal centre in Stalmine. We are a local charity and raise our own funds, although we fly the RSPCA logo.

If anyone wishes to join our next event it is always advertised in Peter’s restaurant and all comers are welcome.

Ann M Turner

Honorary Branch Secretary
RSPCA Blackpool & North Lancs


Smears show the right is tnreatened

The right-wing newspapers have whipped themselves up into frenzy over unfounded allegations that the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, gave information to a spy from Stalinist Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

I’m afraid the aim of the right-wing media is obvious. They hope to push back the growing popularity of Corbyn and support for his policies.

The smears directed at Corbyn are nothing new. It’s just business as usual as far as the right-wing press and establishment are concerned. The Daily Mail, for example, published the Zinoviev Letter four days before the 1924 general election. It was a forgery that said Russia was planning Communist subversion if Labour was re-elected.

In the 1970s, MI5 ran a propaganda campaign, known as Clockwork Orange, to smear Irish Republicans and the Labour Party. It forged Labour leaflets and pamphlets, some calling for revolution.

And in 1980 Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times ran a false story claiming that Labour leader Michael Foot was a Russian spy.

The right-wing press don’t care if what they print isn’t the truth. They are throwing dirt because they feel threatened by the prospect of a radical Labour government and the growing support for progressive left-wing ideas.

Mick Mulcahy

via email


Lack of an airport is a running joke

I noticed my tyre on my car was under-inflated, so popped along to a local garage.

Upon asking the mechanic for an airline, he replied: “An airline? We don’t even have a bus station pal!”

Geoff gilmour

via email


New signs should not be a priority

Once again, Blackpool Cuncil have got their priorities wrong.

Spending £2 million on ugly signs is outrageous, as that amount of money would fill many potholes and help with resurfacing.

With a unwanted hotel and a tram line to nowhere, Simon Blackburn’s council have at least got it right with a new conference centre, but everything else they touch seems to turn out to be a disaster.

Tony King

Valentia Road