Letters - February 28, 2014

A selection of the hundreds of cub scouts attending todays match
A selection of the hundreds of cub scouts attending todays match
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Renewing their promise


Last Saturday it was Founders Day (the birthday of the founder of the Scouts Association).

We always renew our promises on that day and we asked Blackpool Football club chairman Karl Oyston for permission and a number of tickets for the home match on that afternoon February 22, so we could make our promise at Bloomfield Road.

A request was made for 700 tickets, granted, provided we helped out with a donation to a charitable event.

Eventually our 700 became over 800, still granted, and how marvellous for all the groups and their leaders to be able to attend the match (which was played with heart and soul but unfortunately not won.

After the match we then, with our heart and souls, made once more our promise to serve everyone as scouts, cubs and beavers.

It was a great afternoon and everyone worked so hard to make it a success .

So our thanks to all the staff at the ground, as usual a great thank you to all our leaders and to all the boys and girls a credit to the Scouting Association in Blackpool.

And once again thank you to Karl Oyston.

Coun Lily Henderson

Hon President Blackpool Scouts

Disabled parking dangers

Yellow peril

As a resident of Lytham, an issue that seems to be going from bad to worse is that of motorists with disability or mobility passes parking within the town.

First of all let me be clear that I fully endorse the use of the above named passes and their place in making access to our lovely coastal gem town easier.

My issue is the growing trend whereby vehicles are being parked, if not abandoned on double yellow lines and in places where other motorists or pedestrians find it difficult to traverse around them.

I myself drive a 4x4 and find it difficult to see around these vehicles ~ the same areas are used with examples being Westby Street at the junctions of Talbot Terrace and Bannister Street, Upper Westby Street, Pleasant Street (outside the Ship and Royal) and along Lytham Green.

It is often the same vehicles/ registrations that are abandoned on double yellow lines.

One only has to witness the speed that cars travel down Westby Street to understand that attempting to ‘nose’ a vehicle out to see around these vehicles is a risk in its self.

As I have stated I fully endorse the use of disability and mobility passes to those who require them but please can the policing and enforcement by Lytham’s uber keen and eager traffic enforcement team and Lytham and St Annes Area Police remain observant and vigilant to the continued risk to road safety within Lytham.

Mr M. K. Naylor

Cleveland Road


Political annihilation


I note Mike Turner refrained from mentioning the unpopular Lib Dems lost their deposit following the Wythenshaw and Sale By-election. (Your Say February 25).

Mr Turner’s angst really stems from the rise of UKIP in the polls, polling more than twice the Lib Dems.

I’m surprised it is not higher considering the Lib Dem tuition fees debacle and the total shambles of our coalition government.

Clegg lied during TV debates over tuition fees and even declared himself and his party as being in favour of a referendum on EU membership.

Many young voters and many none too politically savvy people believed him. You can fool some of the people once, but no one will trust him again.

Political annihilation awaits the Lib Dems at the next Euro and General elections.

Val Cowell

Northwood Way


Work with train companies


Greater marketing of Showzam! could be achieved by internet social networking and public transport advertising.

Train companies could work with Blackpool Council tourism and develop a joint marketing strategy to attract more regional visitors to the resort’s year round special events.

Stephen Pierre