Letters - February 27, 2013

A mysterious mist on the old stalls at the former Regal Cinema in Blackpool.
A mysterious mist on the old stalls at the former Regal Cinema in Blackpool.
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MY wife and I read the article (Gazette February 21) on the strange phenomenon at the Regent with great interest.

My wife’s mother was a cleaner at the old Regent Cinema in the 1950s and my wife, then a child, would sometimes meet her at the end of her day shift when she had finished work.

Pat, my wife, said it was strange reading this article because her mother said to her that the cinema found that many cleaners would only stay for a short time because of what they experienced there.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else comes forward with information about their experiences.

As someone passionate about local history I hope that the old Regent survives and does not go the way of so much of the property in this area.



HOW many people have noticed the remarking of speed cameras?

The new white markings are well out of line to the original ones.

You are not telling me the speed camera has moved back a bit on it’s own.

So will this mean that those unfortunate enough to have been caught by the camera outside Tesco, Garstang Road or Fairfield Avenue camera on Garstang Road will be able to have their points and fine recompensated?

There’s another remarked in Staining as well.

Can anybody advise why?



YET again Blackpool Council has excelled itself in showing how to waste more money than they make.

I arrived home today to find five trees planted on a triangle of grass just across from my house.

This grass has been there for at least 30 to 40 years looking quite nice and regularly cut with no need for the said trees.

I can’t wait for them to be full size so they block all the light from my house and therefore render my property worthless.

Thanks Blackpool Council for another great idea.


Highcroft Avenue,